Source: HT News Service.
Published on: February 8, 2023


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Many people were surprised when Harry Styles won Album of the Year at the 2023 Grammy Awards. Lizzo shared a TikTok video she created of Adele’s unamused reaction to the win.

Harry Styles won the top award of Album of the Year for Harry’s House at the Grammy Awards this year. Lizzo captured the moment on her TikTok and the clip has been widely shared on social media ever since. In the clip, Lizzo also captured the reaction of Adele, who seemed flustered when the camera pointed at her face. Twitter users have also commented that Adele seemed unimpressed with Harry’s win over Beyonce in the top category. 

More about the viral clip shared by Lizzo

In the clip that has been shared widely on Twitter, Lizzo captured the exact moment, when Harry won Album of the Year for his album Harry’s House. Initially Harry seemed shocked after his name was called out, and then he hugged his collaborators, and good friend Lizzo. He then went on stage to collect the Grammy. Meanwhile, Lizzo kept on capturing the reactions of everybody, and then zoomed in on Adele’s face who was seated right beside her. Adele seemed unimpressed and shouted, “Why are you filming me?” Lizzo giggled and then turned the TikTok on to the stage.

More videos surfaced online about the incident

Another video also surfaced on Twitter where a member from the audience zoomed on Adele as Harry won for Album of the Year. In the clip, it can be seen that Adele neither stood up, nor clapped like everyone else. There were several comments on the microblogging site that took note of Adele’s reaction. A comment read, “The funny part is we all know she was rooting for Renaissance, not 30.” Another wrote, “She looks so disappointed it makes me so sad seeing her like this, God.” Another one said, “The fact that we all know she was more upset over Beyoncé not winning than her losing.”

Netizens reactions

Meanwhile, there were also fans who felt this hatred is not needed and Adele had a normal reaction to the win. “I don’t understand all this talk about Harry, not deserving it. Way too much rage and hate.” wrote one. Another comment read, “Would you chill out? His album was absolutely fantastic and he has a massive year ascending from pop star to cultural icon. He absolutely *deserved* it even if you think someone else’s album was better.”

Harry Styles historic win

Harry’s win in the category came as a surprise to many as most expected Beyoncé to win. The other nominees included Voyage by ABBA, 30 by Adele, Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny, Renaissance by Beyoncé, Good Morning Gorgeous (Deluxe) by Mary J Blige, In These Silent Days by Brandi Carlile, Music of the Spheres by Coldplay, Mr Morale and The Big Steppers by Kendrick Lamar, and Special by Lizzo. Adele won Best Pop Solo Performance for Easy on Me, while Lizzo took the Grammy for Record of the Year for About Damn Time.

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