Source: HT News Service.
Published on: November 6, 2023


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Selena Gomez is exhausted by the trolling and negativity on social media following her remarks about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Singer-actor Selena Gomez seems confused about whether or not to delete her Instagram account. On Thursday, she took to Instagram Stories to announce that she was deleting her account. However, just a little while later, she removed the post and the account still stands.

Selena’s Instagram story

In her Instagram Stories, Selena had written, “I am taking a break and deleting my Instagram. I’m done. I do not support any of what’s going on.” The Story does not exist anymore.

The comment came after a couple of days of getting incessantly trolled and slammed for her recent response to the conflict between Palestine and Israel. Selena announced in the original post two days ago that she has had to step back from her socials. She wrote, ‘Because my heart breaks to see all the horror, hate, violence and terror that’s going on in the world.”

“People being tortured and killed or any act of hate towards any one group is horrific,” Selena Gomez added before going on to say that “ALL people” need to be protected, “especially children,” and that “violence needs to be stopped for good.”

“I’m sorry if my words will never be enough for everyone or a hashtag,” she continued, adding, “I just can’t stand by innocent people getting hurt. That’s what makes me sick. I wish I could change the world. But a post won’t.”

Selena said that having a sister has made her more aware of the bad aspects of life in a follow-up post that included a black and white photo of her younger sister, Gracie Elliott Teefey. “Having a sister everyday has made me tragically sick,” she wrote, adding, “I would do anything for children and innocent lives.” This comment, in particular, did not sit well with many on social media.

Social media merciless trolling

One person wrote, “Using her sister to play victim. I’ve been telling y’all Selena is the most self-centred evil psychopath. she’s always taking break from social media until it’s time to comment on hailey bieber related posts.” Another wrote, “Selena gomez has officially lost it how you make genocide about yourself and now your sister like what? you’re a rich woman sleeping in a mansion. She’s such a manipulative and narcissistic person. She’s doing all this while watching the lakers games btw.”

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.