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Published on: January 9, 2024


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Discover the top K-Dramas of 2023, A Tapestry of Superhero Sagas to Contractual Matrimonies Unveiled in the Enchanting Realm of Korean Dramas.

The Good Bad Mother

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Immersive and poignant, The Good Bad Mother takes you on an emotional journey. Lee Do Hyun showcases his exceptional talent in this gripping drama centered around a mother-son relationship.

Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran), a single mother managing a pig farm, spared no effort in raising her son Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun). Her strictness molded him into a promising lawyer, but success brings about a transformation. A tragic incident causes Kang Ho to revert to an eight-year-old, forcing both mother and son to confront their shared history.

With its nuanced storytelling and compelling performances, The Good Bad Mother is a compelling must-watch, delving into the complexities of family ties and personal redemption.

The Glory

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In Ahn Gil-ho’s The Glory (더 글로리), the perfect revenge tale unfolds as protagonist Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) orchestrates a plan to torment her childhood tormentors until they crumble. Split into two parts, the series narrates Dong-eun’s story of enduring severe bullying that ultimately forces her to leave school. Ahn vividly portrays the harsh truths of high school bullying and societal class disparities in South Korea. The Glory unfolds as an unsettling revenge narrative, depicting a woman’s fight for survival and her quest to dismantle the lives of her childhood bullies.

In her role as Moon Dong Eun, Song Hye Kyo seeks justice for the brutal high school bullying she endured, leaving no avenue unexplored to right the wrongs. As she craftily orchestrates revenge and ensnares the perpetrators of school violence, led by Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon), she finds support in Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun), a plastic surgeon carrying his own emotional burdens. The Glory Part 2, though unsettling, serves as a poignant narrative on the pervasive issue of bullying in South Korean schools and the socio-economic disparities prevalent in capitalist societies. Song Hye Kyo’s restrained performance emerges as the true highlight, rightfully earning her accolades and recognition.


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Earning its title as the drama of the year, Moving captivated audiences with its stunning yet intricate superhero narrative. Adapted from Kang Full’s webtoon, the fantasy action drama revolves around teenagers endowed with superhuman abilities. However, their journey is complicated by the revelation of their parents’ painful secrets. Together, they unite against formidable dark forces that threaten generations across various eras.

What truly propelled Moving to success was the dynamic chemistry between Jo In Sung’s Kim Doo Sik, a black ops agent, and Han Hyo Joo’s Lee Mi Hyun, a resilient yet stern single mother. Their electrifying connection added a compelling layer to the show, contributing to its widespread acclaim and popularity.

Twinkling Watermelon

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In this captivating coming-of-age fantasy, the narrative unfolds through the perspective of Eun Gyeol, a CODA (child of deaf adults) torn between his passion for music and his familial responsibilities. As the sole hearing member in his family, Eun Gyeol plays a crucial role by translating his parents’ and older brother’s sign language into spoken words. Despite discovering his musical talent, he faces conflict with his father.

The story takes a poignant turn when Eun Gyeol is transported back to 1995, encountering his father’s younger self, portrayed by Choi Hyun Wook, an aspiring musician. Amidst this journey, he meets the talented cellist Se Kyung (Seol In Ah) and the deaf artist Chung Ah (Shin Eun Sol), known as the ice princess. This time-slip coming-of-age drama intricately weaves themes of parent-child dynamics, the challenges of growing up, and the pursuit of dreams through the lens of friendship. Don’t miss out on this emotionally resonant and multifaceted tale.