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Published on: January 12, 2023


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Disney+ Hotstar comes loaded with some of the best and most timeless western drama series. These critically acclaimed series are there to take away your winter blues. So, get cosy with the hot beverage of your choice and watch some of the best drama series on Disney+ Hotstar.

Game of Thrones

One of the finest shows to grace television, Game of Thrones is a timeless classic that will delight you no matter how many times you rewatch it. And if you are someone who missed it, here is your chance. The modern classic adapts of George. R. R Martin’s classic novel series with the same title has everything you can ask for. May it be Kings, Knights, Heroes, Villains, and ghosts. The gripping plot holds your interest, and your mind wanders to Westeros.

Modern Family

The series is told from the perspective of a documentary filmmaker and provides a hilarious yet honest look at family life. Phil and Claire want an honest relationship with their children but find it difficult. The cast is spectacular, and each episode humorously explores the perils of family life in today’s modern world. So, if you want comedy with a slice of life wisdom, do watch this show

How I Met Your Mother

Even with an uncertain outcome, How I met your mother is a delightful watch. If you loved “Friends” and shows that highlight the warmth of close friends, then this is a show for you. The show has some heartfelt moments and some quirky ones, thanks to the wisdom of great Barney Stinson & his bro code. Join Ted Mosby and his search for true love with his friend, who is full of tears, laughter, betrayal, heartbreak, love, and more.


One of the finest shows produced by HBO is based on one of the most unfortunate events in history, the nuclear disaster that changed modern history forever. The five-episode-long series is gripping and retells the tale of human error and its consequences borne by the innocent’s lives. Even though the show is a bit controversial for its authenticity, you cannot question the star cast’s impeccable screenplay and flawless performances.

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