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Published on: January 16, 2023
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Vasant Gawde (Bhuvan Bam) is a poverty-stricken sanitation worker in Byculla, South Mumbai who lives with his alcoholic father and loving mother. One day his life takes a turn when a dua enables Vasant to see the future through his smartphone. He starts to use this power for his personal gains and that of his girlfriend Madhu (Shriya Pilgaokar). But is destiny and providence kind to him? Or does whatever is destined to rise has to fall?


The low to high and then again low life graph is grappling and makes you wait for the next episode. Bhuvan Bam’s transition from a star YouTuber to an actor is praiseworthy as he is quite convincing as a good-for-nothing Vasant who is aspirational and wants to break the shackles of poverty for his mother and girlfriend. Shriya Pilgaokar shines through her role as a prostitute. You can feel her dilemma as she watches the man, she loves to turn into something she despises. Their online chemistry is sparkling and worth a watch.

Scripts do great justice to all the secondary characters and their story. Sometimes it feels that they are more detailed and well-written than the main character, may it be a nagging alcoholic father, a corrupt politician, a madam of the brothel, or even the man named “Kismet” (destiny). The story starts off on an interesting note but midway through the story turns a bit predictable, but still manages to engage audiences with quirky one-liners that sometimes give a slice-of-life quote and sometimes even provide comic relief.

The Vasant’s costumes after his rise are very fitting and give a clear message that fine feathers don’t always make fine birds, shout out to Shivangi Shrivastav. Music by Saurabh Lokhande fits the frame and does justice to the narration. Himank Gaur’s direction is sharp and manages to hook the audience till the end.


The storyline though is predictable but Bhuvan Bam’s flawless performance in his debut series does wonders. All in all, a captivating drama, especially if you are Bhuvan Bam’s ardent fan.

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