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Published on: January 16, 2023
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Watchopedia Rating 
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Anuraag and Shantanu are two cops whose life turns upside down when they arrest a powerful local goon, Jethiya. Anuraag (Ram Mehar Jangra) and Shantanu come under mounting political pressure, making them fight each other. But all hell breaks loose when Anuraag finds Shantanu dead, and he is considered a murderer. So, who killed Shantanu? Is it Jethiya and his goons, or is it Anuraag in a fit of anger, or is there something unexpected waiting to be unfolded?


Aarop manages to captivate you with its intriguing and strong storyline. From the very first episode, you are hooked to the screen in anticipation of what is next to come. The lead actor Ram Mehar Jangra as Anuraag is convincing in the role of a fierce police officer, and we can see many shades in his character, from a strong cop to a helpless man and even an insecure husband. He flawlessly delivers an excellent performance. Akanksha Juneja as Raashi is a pleasure to watch as a devoted wife who can move the heavens to get justice for her husband. She surprises by powerfully portraying Raashi’s character without making her damsel in distress. Raj Singh Verma as Inspector Arjun and Vikas Mehta as Jethiya also leave a mark and help present the story in an impactful way. 

The screenplay by Subhash Jangid is tight and exciting, with various twists & turns, and the final reveal of the killer will leave you amazed. Vinay Bola’s direction is flawless and weaves the story interestingly, turning it into the biggest strength of this series.


Aarop makes its mark as a suspense thriller with captivating storylines that holds the audience’s attention. The power-packaged episodes, engaging screenplay, flawless editing, brilliant performances, and cliffhangers will surely leave everyone asking for more.

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