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Published on: February 7, 2023
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The audacious jailbreak incident inspired the 10-episode web series streaming on SonyLIV in Bihar on November 12, 2005. The story talks about some harsh realities on a grassroots level and a love story amidst a brewing uprising. 


The plot revolves around the incidents of Jehanabad, a small Bihar town where unsuspecting love and chaos collide. The show is set in 2005 and is based on actual events. While the Naxals plot the country’s largest jailbreak to escape Deepak Kumar, a seasoned Naxal leader, college professor Abhimanyu Singh and his student Kasturi Mishra are falling in love. The story is full of love, failure, deception, and perseverance. But, what happens when love and chaos collide? What will become of Jehanabad?


The show kicks off with a violent scene involving the abduction of a groom from his marriage ceremony. Most of the show from this point forward is a flashback to give viewers the backstory of the character and the incidents.

The makers captivate the audience in Jehanabad. Deepak Kumar (Parambrata Chattopadhyay), a Naxal commander, is imprisoned in a district jail, awaiting release in what is hailed as an inconceivable jailbreak. A romance flourishes in the same town between a pampered single child from a middle-class family (Harshita Gaur) and the perfect boy, an English professor Abhimanyu Singh (Ritwik Bhowmik). Both stories run simultaneously and keep the viewer engaged, interested, and immediately hooked, each thriving in its own right. However, when the two worlds collide, many lives are jeopardised.

Jehanabad – Of Love and War also digs deeper into social issues like unequal treatment based on caste and conservative mindset in small towns that endorse patriarchal society and sexism. It attempts to tread a fairly liberal line but ends up concentrating on the romantic angle and its implications in the broad scheme of things.

In a negative role, Parambratta is intriguing. He makes brief but essential appearances in every episode and leaves an indelible mark. His well-read character is both intelligent and brutal. Ritwik plays the calm English professor admirably. He’s shy and overly courteous, but behind those bespectacled gazes, he oozes intrigue. He is in love with Harshita, a free-spirited college student that does whatever she wants. It’s refreshing to see a small-town girl who is so free-spirited and courageous, even if she tends to appear ridiculous at times.


Despite its flaws, Jehanabad attracts audiences and eventually wins hearts with its concurrent running plotlines of unsuspecting love and rebellion.

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