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Published on: February 27, 2023


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The Last of Us not only captivated viewers with its fascinating plot, but it also sparked online debates with its intellectually stimulating themes. For its fans, Episode 6 stands out in a variety of ways, including a heartbreaking musical callback to others.

HBO’s highly-anticipated TV adaptation of the critically acclaimed video game The Last of Us has been a hit among fans and critics alike since its release. The show has expertly managed to translate the game’s immersive experience to the small screen, capturing the gritty, post-apocalyptic world and the complex characters that inhabit it. Here’s why episode 6 will remain special to all of us.

Excellent performances by cast

The performances of the show’s cast have also been a highlight, with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey’s portrayals of Joel and Ellie, respectively, garnering particular praise. Pascal’s portrayal of Joel, a hardened survivor struggling with trauma and loss, has been lauded for its depth and emotional range. Similarly, Ramsey’s portrayal of Ellie, a young girl navigating the dangers of a brutal world while trying to retain her humanity, has been appreciated for its nuance and vulnerability.

A musical masterpiece

Throughout its run, The Last of Us has treated us to an array of unforgettable musical moments, featuring artists from Linda Ronstadt to Hank Williams. In the sixth episode, the show delivers yet another impactful needle drop, which not only adds to its already impressive collection but also evokes a poignant connection to the series’ inaugural episode.

The somber cover of Never Let Me Down Again takes on a poignant new significance. After months of surviving together on the road, Joel and Ellie have forged an unbreakable bond, and neither wants to be separated from the other. The title of the episode, ‘Kin’, refers not only to Joel’s reunion with his brother Tommy but also highlights the deep familial connection between Joel and Ellie. Their relationship goes beyond mere friendship, as they have become each other’s family. The lyrics of the Depeche Mode song mirror Joel’s knowledge of their destination versus Ellie’s lack of survival skills without him.

The return of Never Let Me Down Again at this moment signified the conclusion of a significant chapter in Joel and Ellie’s adventure, which began in episode 1. Joel’s injury leads to a pivotal role reversal where Ellie becomes the caretaker for the man who has always protected her. As viewers witness Ellie’s unwavering dedication to Joel, they should prepare themselves for a heart-wrenching emotional journey.

Themes of grief and loss highlighted in the episode

In this episode, the themes of grief and fear of loss are explored in multiple ways. Joel’s reunion with his brother Tommy, played by Gabriel Luna, allows him to confront his fears of inadequacy in protecting Ellie, triggered by memories of losing his own daughter, Sarah, portrayed by Nico Parker, during the outbreak – a loss that also deeply impacted Tommy. Until this point, Joel has avoided even mentioning his daughter’s name, and a poignant moment in which he spots a person resembling Sarah in Jackson serves as a reminder of the extent to which he has suppressed his memories.

HBO releases new episodes of The Last of Us every Sunday, and the show’s dedicated fan base eagerly anticipates each new installment to discover the unexpected twists and turns that the story will reveal.

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