Source: HT News Service
Published on: April 12, 2023


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Netizens applaud Sonu Sood’s son Ishant for taking over his father’s charitable responsibilities.

Sonu Sood was hailed as the messiah of countless needy and underprivileged people who had to bore immense suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic. From paying for their treatment to sending the laborers safely to their homes, the actor’s foundation did it all. Now, as Sonu is away shooting for his upcoming movie, netizens have started praising his son Ishant Sood as he has taken over his father’s philanthropic activities.

The said video has garnered a lot hype and winning hearts

Talking about the same, a video has been going viral wherein we can see Sonu Sood’s son Ishant overlooking all the needs and requirements of the people regarding their medical bills presumably. We can see a large crowd of people gathered around the star kid but he is making sure to tend to everybody’s needs and being just as dutiful as his father. Take a look at the same.

The video has been winning the hearts of many fans as it has been going viral. Netizens have been calling Ishant Sood to be just a replica of his father when it comes to these philanthropic activities. One of the netizens stated, “Very sweet… appreciate… such great work he is doing at this age… God bless you n your family” while another user said, “This fam will forever stay up and above of all the biggies and richy richs of the country! No party! No slogan! No rallies! Just work! It’s the work that does the talking!! May god protect people like them from all things evil.” Another netizen said that they should support Sonu Sood’s movie Fateh for which he is currently shooting in Amritsar so that he can support more such people. The comment said, “Fateh ko hum sab log itna support karein taki sonu sood in sab zaroorat mando ki madat kar sakhein hum waise bhi bakwass movies ko 1000 crore tak poochata hain abh in sir ke movie ko zyada sa zyada support karein.”

Sonu Sood’s upcoming projects

Meanwhile, on the work front, Sonu Sood will also reprise his role as the host in the new season of Roadies . He has recently announced the audition dates of the same along with giving a hint that he will be supported by three panelists who will help him choose the contestants. It is being speculated that one of these panelists is Bigg Boss 16 sensation Shiv Thakare.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service