Source: HT News Service
Published on: May 30, 2023


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They should probably just get married, says Pavitra Punia, even if Eijaz Khan wants his entire family to attend their wedding.

Eijaz Khan has once again confirmed that marriage is certainly “on the cards” for him and Pavitra Punia, though they are yet to find the time for the celebrations. He also said that he wants his entire family to gather for the wedding, but Pavitra feels they will never get the time to do so. Eijaz and Pavitra grew close on Salman Khan’s reality show Bigg Boss 14 and confessed their feelings for each other on the show.

Soon after they exited the Bigg Boss 14 house, they had promised fans that they will be get married but are yet to finalise and announce a wedding date.

Eijaz and Pavitra on their wedding

Asked if marriage is on the cards, Eijaz told News18 in an interview, “Of course, it is on the card. Arre time kahan hai? Uske liye pure khandan ko pure duniya se ikkatha karna, unse time lena, humare liye time lena. (Where is the time? That would require the whole family to gather in one place, from all over the world. They need to take time out for us and we need time as well). I want it to be a celebration, even if it is not such a grand affair. She says ‘What’s the point we are never gonna get time, let’s just get it done’. But I feel I want my family and close friends to be there. So we will find a medium. We will figure it out very soon.”

Eijaz & Pavitra: Understanding and growing together

Talking about the time they realised they are perfect for each other, Eijaz said that he now understands that people come with baggage and nobody can be perfect. “Whatever I have seen in my life nobody is perfect and nobody is like a jigsaw that’s gonna fit into each other. A relationship in marriage is ongoing work in progress.” He added that one needs to work on a relationship every day, and understand each other every day and grow together.

Their love story

Eijaz and Pavitra started their Bigg Boss 14 journey with several fights and they’d often have ego clashes. However, Pavitra soon confessed to developing feelings for him and later told him about it. At first, he did not reciprocate, but they grew closer and later confessed their feelings on Bigg Boss 14.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service