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Published on: July 11, 2023
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“Lust Stories 2,” the much-anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed anthology series, falls short of its predecessor’s brilliance and fails to deliver a cohesive and engaging experience. While the film boasts talented directors and a capable cast, it needs more depth in storytelling, leaving the audience wanting more.


The anthropology consists of four stories; it opens with R. Balki’s ‘Made for Each Other’, where two eligibles, Arjun (Angan Bedi) and Veda (Mrunal Thakur), are about to get married when the latter’s grandmother (Neena Gupta) put a halt and asked them to check their sexual compatibility first before marriage as only great sexual chemistry can lead to will lead to a fulfilling marriage in the long run. 

The second story, directed by Konkona Sen Sharma, “The Mirror,” set in Mumbai, explores the two worlds of clustered slums and looming high rises and the overlapping of these two worlds with the story of Isheeta (Tillotama Shome), a lonely but rich designer and her maid Seema (Amruta Subhash). One afternoon Isheeta walks in to find out Seema having sex in her bed, which is followed by a strange game of seeing and unseeing between the two.

The Third, “Sex with Ex”, by Sujoy Ghosh, tells the story of a CEO, Vijay (Vijay Verma), who is now married and unexpectedly one day encounters ex-wife Shanti (Tamannah Bhatia), who had disappeared ten years ago.  

 The fourth and final, “Tilchatta” by Amit Sharma, is about Chanda (Kajol), a sad and suffocated woman married to a lustful, caste and royalty-obsessed husband (Kumud Mishra). A new maid enters the house, and the story takes a turn.


“Lust Stories 2”, unlike its predecessor, which expertly explored various dimensions of desire and relationships, falls short in delivering cohesive narratives. The anthology feels more like a collection of loosely connected short films than a unified exploration of human desires. It lacks the thematic cohesion and emotional depth that made the original anthology so engaging.

The standout segment in the anthology is undoubtedly “Mirror,” which manages to capture the attention and intrigue of the audience. Directed by a talented Konkona Sen Sharma, it delves into the complexities of human desire. It dares to deal with voyeurism from the females’ lens and, even more, daring to split the lens into two. The exploration of desire and the consequences of denying one’s true self is the only story that truly resonates and leaves a lasting impact.

Unfortunately, the other segments in the anthology fail to live up to the potential set by “Mirror.” The lack of a cohesive narrative thread and compelling character development hinder the film’s overall impact. 

Despite the talented cast, including notable actors, their performances are hindered by weak and underwritten characters. The lack of character development limits their ability to shine and leaves them with little to work with. As a result, the emotional resonance that could have been achieved with stronger writing is sorely missing.

Overall, “Lust Stories 2” falls short of its potential, leaving the audience disappointed. The lack of a strong storyline and underdeveloped characters hinder the anthology’s ability to engage and captivate viewers. While “Mirror” stands out as a commendable effort, it is not enough to salvage the overall lacklustre experience.


In conclusion, “Lust Stories 2” struggles to find its footing and lives up to its predecessor’s legacy. The lack of a cohesive narrative and underdeveloped stories hinder the film’s ability to make a lasting impression. While there are glimpses of brilliance, they are overshadowed by a general lack of depth and substance.

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