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Published on: July 20, 2023
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Watchopedia Rating 
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2018, an emotionally charged film portraying human resilience during the Kerala floods. With Solid performances, compelling storytelling, and technical finesse, it has acquired its place in audiences’ hearts.



(Tovino Thomas), a former soldier grapples with a fear of death and decides to

leave the army. Mathachan (Lal) and his son Winston (Narain) sustain themselves

through fishing, while Koshy (Aju Varghese) works as a tourist taxi driver.

Ramesh (Vineeth Srinivasan), an IT employee based in Dubai, faces marital

issues with his wife back in India. Sethupathi (Kalayirasan), hailing from

Tamil Nadu agrees to transport explosives to Kerala as a truck driver. In

2018, Kerala was devastated by floods, and the narrative follows the struggles

and sufferings of these protagonists and the impact of the crisis on the people

of Kerala. How did they manage to survive this massive disaster? Watch the

movie to find out. 


“2018”, directed by Jude Anthany Joseph, takes viewers on an emotional journey through the devastating floods that struck Kerala. The film delivers a simple yet engaging storyline, highlighting the struggles of various individuals and their heroic efforts to overcome the calamity. Although the film has its flaws, it successfully captures the essence of human resilience and the impact of such a crisis on the people of Kerala.

The characterizations and narration in “2018” are its greatest strengths. Joseph skillfully presents a heartfelt storyline that touches the viewers’ hearts, gradually revealing the intentions and motivations of each character. Tovino Thomas deserves applause for his role as Anup, showcasing a well-crafted character arc from a soldier burdened by fear to a courageous saviour. Lal delivers a standout performance as Mathachan, a fisherman who becomes a symbol of hope for the devastated community. Narain and Kalayirasan also leave lasting impressions with their commendable performances, contributing to the film’s emotional depth.

The film’s technical aspects contribute significantly to its impact. The superb camera work and extraordinary background score create a tense and immersive atmosphere, particularly in the second half. The visual representation of the floods and the overall production design elevate the authenticity of the storytelling.

However, “2018” has its drawbacks. The limited focus on the role of the government and media during the crisis feels like a missed opportunity to provide a more comprehensive portrayal of the disaster. Aparna Balamurali’s underutilization in the film is disappointing, as her presence could have added further depth to the narrative. The first half of the film may confuse viewers with its emphasis on individual character issues rather than the central plot, while certain characters have little impact on the overall storyline.

Despite these flaws, “2018” evokes genuine emotions and keeps viewers engaged. The film’s compelling depiction of human resilience and the outstanding performances by Tovino Thomas, Lal, and Narain make it a worthwhile watch. The technical aspects, including the brilliant score and cinematography, further enhance the film’s impact.


2018″ is a well-made film that captures the essence of survival and humanity amidst a natural disaster. While it may have missed some opportunities for a more comprehensive portrayal and suffered from minor pacing issues, its emotional moments and powerful performances make it a commendable cinematic experience. 

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