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Published on: August 1, 2023


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Amidst the high anticipation for BTS’ V’s upcoming solo album, Jungkook has now replied to a fan’s query seeking more details.

BTS ARMY has been eagerly waiting for the solo debut of BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung. In a recent Weverse Live, Jungkook replied to a fan asking if he had heard Kim Taehyung’s songs. For a long time, the BTS member has teased fans about a solo record.

Jungkook teases fans about V’s album

During a Weverse Live, when a fan asked Jungkook whether he has heard any of Kim Taehyung’s songs, he said: “Have I listened to Taehyung’s album? Has the news come out? I’ve listened to a few of his songs, they’re good he’s good. I’ve heard it beforehand.”

Kim Young-dae on V’s upcoming album

Meanwhile, music critic Kim Young-dae attended the 2023 ACC Culture Education event and reportedly revealed that he has heard V’s songs. According to a translation by Sportskeeda, he said, “You’ll be totally surprised and be able to hear more of his natural vocals and also something different from the BTS vocalist V. I think you’ll be a little surprised! It’s a new discovery by a vocalist named V. Of course, there’s a familiar side of V. But I was like, ‘Ah.. I think you’ll be surprised to see how that’s done. First of all, the music is so good…” V has a very charming voice, right? In the BTS songs, he interpreted (the songs) in a certain way. And there’s one reason why this album is so unique. You’ll be really surprised. It’s not about a collaboration.”

A few days ago, BTS’s agency BigHit Music had said that there is no confirmation regarding V’s solo album release. The agency officially announced on July 20, “The schedule is being released after confirmation. V is currently working relentlessly on his solo album.”

About BTS

BTS consists of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Currently, the group is on a hiatus to follow their solo careers. Jin and J-Hope are enlisted in the military and others will be joining the services too as per their individual timeline. The group is likely to be back after wrapping up their mandatory military service, sometime around 2025.

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