Source: HT News Service
Published on: September 28, 2023


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Joe Jonas commemorates Sophie Turner’s 27th birthday with a romantic candlelit dinner and a heartfelt message on social media. Through his tribute, Joe emphasizes their strong bond and reflects on their love and partnership.

“Here’s to more nights being real with you” – a sentiment many can relate to, but when uttered by Joe Jonas for Sophie Turner’s 27th birthday, it melted hearts worldwide. Looking back on that enchanting evening on Feb. 21, 2023, let’s dive into what made that night so special.

“Sophie, what up, homie?” This casual yet endearing shoutout from Joe to Sophie during the dedication ceremony for the JoBros star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was just a taste of the bond they share.

Sophie’s magical birthday celebrations

The birthday evening was magical, with an intimate candlelit dinner at an outdoor restaurant. Joe’s words were as warm as the ambiance: “Here’s to more nights being real with you @sophiet…Happy birthday”, he wrote atop a screenshot from Sophie’s BeReal for the evening.

Sophie returned the love too, praising Joe and his brothers’ dedication to music. “To see the hard work and love and light you boys bring to your music… it’s an honor just to watch from the sidelines,” she posted on Instagram.

Jonas Brother’s fifth studio album “The Album”

As reported by Billboard, Joe and his siblings were gearing up for their fifth studio album titled “The Album,” set to release on May 5. Joe described the lead single, “Wings,” as “introductory” to The Album, hinting at the new sound of their upcoming music. All this while still taking time to celebrate with his beloved wife.

The couple’s relationship has consistently been a blend of love, support, and mutual admiration, and Sophie’s 27th birthday was a testament to that. The way they cherish each other’s achievements and stand by one another is truly inspirational.

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