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Published on: October 4, 2023


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In her three-decade career, Salma Hayek has become one of Hollywood’s most successful and respected actresses. Her filmography spans diverse genres.


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Salma Hayek’s ascent to stardom was solidified with her standout performance in “Desperado,” a film that marked her breakout moment. Sharing the screen with Antonio Banderas, she joined forces with director Robert Rodriguez for this exhilarating follow-up to “El Mariachi.” The story unfolds around El Mariachi, a gunslinger and musician played by Banderas, who finds himself entangled in a perilous web of danger upon returning to a tranquil Mexican town. There, he confronts the ruthless drug lord Bucho, portrayed by Joaquim de Almeida.

In this thrilling narrative, El Mariachi forms an unlikely alliance with his friend Buscemi, brought to life by Steve Buscemi, and the tenacious bookstore owner Carolina, played by Hayek. Together, they embark on a high-stakes mission to take down Bucho and his menacing gang. “Desperado” not only showcased Hayek’s undeniable talent but also cemented her status as a Hollywood sensation, making this film a defining moment in her career and a milestone in action cinema history.


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Salma Hayek took on a monumental role as both producer and star in the Oscar-nominated biopic “Frida,” a project that brought the life and art of Mexican icon Frida Kahlo to the forefront of cinema. Under the visionary direction of Julie Taymor, the film embarks on a captivating journey into Kahlo’s early life, masterfully delving into the profound impact of her tumultuous relationship with husband Diego Rivera, portrayed by Alfred Molina, as well as her political convictions and exploration of her own sexuality, all of which left an indelible mark on her artistic expression.

This cinematic masterpiece boasts a star-studded ensemble, with Antonio Banderas, Ashley Judd, Diego Luna, Geoffrey Rush, and Edward Norton contributing their exceptional talents. The film garnered six Oscar nominations, a testament to its artistic prowess. Salma Hayek’s portrayal of Frida Kahlo earned her a well-deserved nomination for Best Actress.

Ultimately, “Frida” secured its place in cinematic history by clinching two Oscars, one for Best Original Score and another for Best Makeup. Salma Hayek’s commitment to bringing Frida Kahlo’s story to life paid off, resulting in a visually stunning and emotionally resonant film that remains a testament to both her acting prowess and her dedication to honouring the legacy of this iconic artist.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

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Salma Hayek made a triumphant return to her role as Kitty Softpaws in “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish,” reuniting with the suave feline Puss, voiced by Antonio Banderas, after a decade-long hiatus. In this animated adventure, Puss and Kitty embark on a quest alongside an overly enthusiastic support dog, driven by the mission to discover the last wish of the elusive Wishing Star. However, the path to fulfilling their quest is far from smooth, as they find themselves in a race against others who also seek to claim this coveted wish.

What sets “The Last Wish” apart from its predecessor is its remarkable departure from the conventional animated film formula. It presents a thought-provoking and deeply emotional narrative that left both critics and audiences thoroughly impressed. The film garnered universal acclaim, drawing praise for its captivating animation style, a narrative that unfolds with intricate layers and complexity, and the stellar performances of the voice cast, which includes the charismatic Salma Hayek. 

With this return to the world of Puss in Boots, Salma Hayek’s portrayal of Kitty Softpaws contributed to the film’s success, adding depth and charm to a story that captivated viewers with its rich storytelling and stunning visuals, proving that this franchise could continue to evolve and captivate audiences with its fresh and emotionally resonant storytelling.


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Salma Hayek made her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with her role as Ajax in “Eternals.” In this groundbreaking portrayal, she stepped into the shoes of the team’s leader, Ajax, a character traditionally male in the comics. However, director Chloe Zhao made the wise decision to gender-flip the role, and casting Hayek turned out to be a stroke of genius.

As Ajax, Salma Hayek exudes both authority and grace. She commands a presence that convinces the audience of her leadership within the team, but she also radiates a warm, nurturing energy that positions her as the motherly figure in this family of heroes.

Though it’s disappointing that Hayek’s character meets an untimely demise early in the film, the moments she graces on screen underscore her remarkable acting prowess. These scenes serve as a reminder of just how exceptional an actress she is, and they highlight how the action film genre has often underutilized her talents. Fans can only hope that, within the ever-expanding Multiverse Saga, there will be an opportunity for Salma Hayek to make a return to the Marvel Universe in some capacity, giving us more of her remarkable presence and acting prowess in this cinematic realm.