Source: HT News Service.
Published on: October 5, 2023


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In the upcoming season of Koffee With Karan, Karan Johar engages in a conversation with his conscience, which advises him to gain some fresh perspective.

Karan Johar is finally set to make a comeback with Koffee With Karan season 8 and his new video makes it clear that the filmmaker and host has taken all the troll and mean comments into account, while cutting out the promo. The Koffee With Karan (KWK) promo shows Karan in a pink sweatshirt, quietly sipping his coffee, when his conscience arrives all of a sudden to grill him about the chat show, which will be back on October 26.

Karan Johar accepts his past mistakes

In the promo, Karan Johar in pink meets his conscience but with a K – ‘Kconscience’ who tells him how ‘thanda (cold)’ last season was with ‘meh (boring)’ conversations. Looking surprised, the real Karan (in pink) asks Kconscience if someone has spiked his coffee; the latter answers that it can be ‘perspective’ that may have been added to his coffee this time.

Mocking him further, Kconscience tells Karan that he could have rather called his show ‘Cold Koffee With Karan’ and asks him, “Were those ‘cheese’ jokes with your nepo babies supposed to be funny?” Hurling more insults at him, Kconscience tells Karan that all episodes were almost same and it was very lame of a 50-year-old asking 20-year-olds about their sex lives. “Is it because you don’t have a sex life of your own?” asks Kconsicence.

When Karan finally accepts that he could have done a little better, Kconscience tells him that he was too busy selling ‘chashmas (spectacles) and hair dyes’, hinting at his Lenskart and other brand endorsements. A spruced up Karan gets up and declares in excitement that he will now invite the newest married couple as well as cricketers, and not star kids, but star grandkids.

Netizen’s reaction

Sharing the promo on Instagram, Karan wrote, “Turns out, my own Konscience wants to troll me too! But screw what he thinks, I’m still brewing Season 8! Hotstar Specials Koffee With Karan season 8 – streams from 26th October only on @disneyplushotstar!”

Internet sensation Yashraj Mukhate reacted with “hahahahaha” in the comments section. Music composer Vishal Dadlani wrote, “Hahahahahahaha, nobody takes the mickey outta themselves like you do, @karanjohar! In a world full of people taking themselves too seriously, we need more of this!” A fan commented, “I love how on point it was on how lame last season was! Acceptance is the best way to restart 🙂 “kold koffee is correct” Excited for some “piping hot koffee” hopefully on season 8!”

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.