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Published on: November 20, 2023
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R. Balki’s adept storytelling breaks stereotypes, delivering a poignant narrative of resilience in cricket.


In “Ghoomer,” directed by R. Balki, Anina Dixit (Saiyami Kher) faces a devastating setback, losing her right hand just before her international cricket debut. Amid despair, she encounters Paddy (Abhishek Bachchan), a former cricketer turned alcoholic. Inspired by the true story of Károly Takács, the film explores resilience as Paddy offers to train Anina as a one-handed bowler, challenging stereotypes. The narrative unfolds a tale of hope, second chances, and the transformative magic of cricket.


R. Balki’s “Ghoomer” transcends the clichés of Indian sports films, offering a poignant and powerful tale of human resilience through cricket. The film skillfully breaks free from the formulaic rags-to-riches theme, exploring the intricacies of gender roles, age-related stereotypes, and superstitions in true Balki style.

The performances elevate the film, with Saiyami Kher’s portrayal of Anina standing out as a testament to her acting prowess and cricketing skills. Abhishek Bachchan delivers a career-defining performance, portraying Paddy with a depth that resonates with the audience. Shabana Azmi’s spirited depiction of Anina’s cricket expert grandmother adds a delightful layer, challenging the notion that women can’t be cricket experts.

The film, while leaning on the common trope of a tough coach and player relationship, gains strength from the fiery interactions and differences between Paddy and Anina. The supporting characters, including Rasika, Paddy’s house help, and an aspiring cricketer with a life-altering disability, add depth to the narrative.

Despite a slightly predictable and crowd-pleasing end, “Ghoomer” successfully balances magic, hope, and second chances. The creative liberties taken in the portrayal of cricketing scenarios might test the boundaries of realism, but the film consciously chooses to prioritize inspiration over strict adherence to cricketing norms.


In essence, “Ghoomer” is a triumph of storytelling, combining tear-inducing moments with chuckle-worthy instances, leaving a lasting impact on the audience. Abhishek’s self-reflective portrayal and the film’s uplifting writing make “Ghoomer” a standout addition to the genre.

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