Source: HT News Service.
Published on: November 22, 2023


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Tyler Perry Reveals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Found Sanctuary in His Beverly Hills Residence for an Extended Period.

Tyler Perry is opening up about his friendship with Meghan Markle and what followed after she and Prince Harry stepped down as working members of the British royal family in January 2020. In a new episode on Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast, Tyler Perry revealed that he had sent over a note to Meghan saying that he is there to talk if she ever ‘needs anything.’

Tyler Perry opens up about his friendship with the royal couple

The actor and filmmaker was in conversation with Kelly Ripa on Wednesday’s episode of her ‘Let’s Talk Off Camera’ podcast, when he said, “I sent them a note … and just said, ‘If you ever need anything, I’m here,’ and she called months later and just talked to me like I was a therapist you talk to and we just had a great conversation.”

He further added, “It is very important for people in this business to have a safe place to land, to have a place where they can trust and talk freely and get advice that’s not going to be biased or from somebody who wants something from them.” He also said that both Meghan and Harry hid in his Beverly Hills mansion for a long time and it was a great time because the paparazzi did not have a clue about the couple’s whereabouts.

Prince Harry’s memoir

Earlier this year, Prince Harry’s memoir Spare sparked media headlines. The coronation ceremony was the first time, when Harry was seen with the royal family after the release of his memoir, where he had detailed his life as royal member in the household. At the coronation ceremony in May, Prince Harry was placed two rows behind his brother, Prince Williams.

About Harry and Meghan’s marriage

Prince Harry and Meghan tied the knot on May 19, 2018, and have two children – Archie and Lilibet. Meghan and Harry had announced in January 2020 that they would step down as senior working royals. Then onwards, the moved to the US, where they now live with their two children.

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