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Published on: November 28, 2023


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Netflix’s reality twist on Squid Game: From drama to reality, it’s unpredictable and controversial, making it irresistible.

Who in their wildest dream demanded a reality show based on the Emmy-winning Squid Game? Alright, surprise! When Netflix debuted it, we knew they had figured out what viewers truly never wanted to do with their beloved Korean series. The production experts, hoping to build on the success of their previous series, arrived sporting a stylish green-and-white tracksuit, making it clear that we were headed down a very different route. Gear up for the newest reality series on Netflix, which revives the legendary Squid Game, and let’s face it, you can love or hate it but can’t stop watching it.

Squid Game Vs Squid Game The Challenge

The 2021 Netflix survival drama Squid Game transformed the way people all over the world perceived Korean dramas. Netflix has positioned the drama as a possible contender for its most popular series, leaving a lasting impression on the internet. Social media was left overrun with leaks, conspiracy theories, angry outbursts, debates, online games, and conversations that delve into the many fascinating facets of this Korean masterpiece. This survival show helmed by director Hwang Dong-Hyuk, in just nine episodes provided a perfect blend of mystery, thriller, and terror to evoke in viewers a deep sense of immersion in the story as it unfolds.

Squid Game The Challenge – A review

Makers decided to turn the whole show into a reality series, let’s not forget to mention some really awful backlash citing some medical issues, prompting makers to go for a reality series instead of a direct sequel. A staggering $4.56 million in prizes was up for grabs for the 456 participants who had joined the game. Contestants had to overcome obstacles that were similar to those in the first Squid Game series. The show included multiple evictions occurring at once.

Reasons which make Squid Game The Challenge the hate-watched series


The only thing that saves the series and has fans waiting eagerly for the second part in December is how unpredictable it is. Like no one really is the boss here making it look unscripted and unbiased towards any participant. You think a contestant is doing well and about to go to the finals one minute, and then you see them unexpectedly eliminated the next. Here you are at the show, welcome.

It’s intriguing

It’s interesting to watch Squid Game transition from fiction to reality by including real people in the game instead of fictional characters. judgment-makers in Squid Game: The Challenge seems to have made a questionable verdict that is out of touch. Picture yourself expecting a show criticizing death games, only to discover a contest that recreated Hwang’s idea without the mass killing and a good deal of social criticism

Because it is the sequel to Squid Game

In simpler terms, the series’ major appeal stems from its association with the highly successful original. Basically, when people say, “It’s all about light-hearted series with some good fun and game” to defend The Challenge against criticism for copying the violence in Squid Game, it doesn’t give us a good reason to look at some of the bad things about the show.

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