Source: HT News Service.
Published on: December 8, 2023


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In Janhvi Kapoor’s spacious Mumbai residence, expansive glass windows offer panoramic views, blending old-world charm with modern aesthetics.

Actor Janhvi Kapoor‘s new home in Mumbai is a sanctuary of beauty and warmth. The actor gave a home tour in Asian Paints Where The Heart Is season 7 episode 1. From Janhvi’s bedroom to the living room, the house uses huge glass windows to add functionality as well as an interesting architectural element to any room. 

The actor also shared how multiple walls laden with photographs pay homage to Janhvi’s iconic mother, the late actor Sridevi, and tell heartwarming tales of the Kapoor family. She said, “This house has given us a fresh start in a lot of ways. And also mom’s never been in this house, but it feels like her energy is everywhere because I know she wanted this for us so much.”

Wall-to-wall windows

Speaking about her massive dining area with a huge crystal chandelier hanging over the wooden dining table, Janhvi said, “What I love about this space is that it’s so open. You can see the trees outside, the big windows. It stretches through this entire wall all the way till the bar.”

The bar-cum-living-space had a golden, white and brown theme with interesting wooden work, wooden flooring and light fixtures. The room overlooked a balcony filled with lush plants and trees of all sizes.

The whole house is filled with paintings, photographs and lots of artefacts. “We have basically tried to bring out more warmth through artwork, through the paintings. That is what makes this fairly neutral space feel more like home,” Janhvi said.

Lots of paintings and old family photos

Janhvi then gave a tour of their living room space, where the family – herself, father-producer Boney Kapoor as well as actor-sister Khushi Kapoor – has ‘most of the get-togethers’. The space, again, had lots of vibrant paintings covering walls, a ‘big, giant glass window’ giving a peek at the spacious balcony and muted grey sofas. The room also housed a huge black and white painting by the late Sridevi.

Janhvi said, “Another thing I love about this space and essentially the entire house is that they have used a lot of white marble, which gives us a lot of room to decorate the space the way that we want because it is white and it is marble. It is a big part of, I guess, neo-classical architecture.”

More about the aesthetics of house

The actor then showed her ‘beautiful outdoor space’ filled with greenery, terracotta walls and tiles. Apart from multiple water features, such as fountain, the area also had an outdoor kitchen station, ‘a bar cum barbeque area’.

Janhvi’s home also comes with massive white spiral staircase in the centre of the home leading to the bedrooms and other living spaces, which had a more eclectic, colourful vibe – lots of browns and beiges – than the rest of the house.

The space had a huge gallery wall filled with old family photos in beautiful frames. “A wall that showcases your family’s history, it is great memorabilia,” is how Janhvi described it. She added, “The aesthetic of the furniture here is obviously very different from the furniture on the other floors. I like that these cushions, these sofas carry the warmth of our old house into this space.”

The actor also gave a glimpse of her bedroom, which had a white and brown theme. Apart from a huge glass window, the room had another wall of photos featuring the late Sridevi and the family.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.