Source: HT News Service
Published on: September 29, 2023


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 Masaba Gupta, who divorced her first husband Madhu Mantena after a two-year marriage, had initially contemplated living together, but Neena Gupta insisted on marriage

Fashion designer Masaba Gupta has revealed there was no one more devastated than her actor mother Neena Gupta when the former got divorced from her first husband. She told Twinkle Khanna in an interview for her Tweak India platform that Neena blamed herself after their divorce as she had earlier not allowed them to live together and had asked her to get married instead if she wanted to live with him.

Masaba Gupta was 28 when she divorced film producer Madhu Mantena after around two years of marriage. She married actor Satyadeep Mishra this year after dating him for three years.

Masaba on her mother’s insist on marriage

Opening up about how Neena had encouraged her to get married but was heartbroken when it ended, Masaba told Twinkle, “She was like isne to chalu kia aur khatam bhi hogaya, 2 saal huye hain, kujh time nahi bitaya (Neena was like it started and ended too soon, they had not spent much time together). I wanted to live-in with my ex-husband before getting married. She said no. She said, ‘I have made this mistake and you are not going to make this mistake. If you are sure about it, just get married.’ She literally packed my things and sent me over the day the court marriage was done. Get out. She said when people are not married, they have the option to leave very easily.”

Neena’s take when Masaba got divorced

She further added, “She was very very conservative in that phase of my life. She didn’t want me to go through what she went through. She said, ‘I think its my mistake and I should have let you do what you were doing, live together and you would have figured things out.’ She said, ‘I should have nudged you a bit and focussed a little bit. I am a bad mother’ and went into that dramatic part of an actress’ mother’s life.”

Masaba on getting married out of peer pressure

 Masaba also confessed that she got married only due to peer pressure and there was nothing more to it. “Everyone around me was getting married and I thought I will be left behind,” she said.

Masaba now lives with husband Satyadeep Mishra. They had a simple wedding in January this year. Masaba’s father and legendary cricketer Vivian Richards had flown to India to be a part of the celebration. Madhu Mantena also got married this year to Ira Trivedi.

Disclaimer: Except for the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service