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Published on: December 11, 2023
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A middling exploration of middle-class life that grapples with social issues but lacks the comedic spark.


In its fourth season, “Aam Aadmi Family” continues to delve into the everyday challenges faced by the Sharmas, a middle-class Indian family residing in Delhi. Led by the patriarch Sharmaji, played convincingly by Bijendra Kala, the show addresses a range of social issues, from grief and mental health to gender inequality. The family’s dynamics unfold in their spacious yet modest villa, presenting a relatable snapshot of middle-class life. The narrative kicks off by exploring Sharmaji’s character, touching on his struggles, but as the season progresses, it allows other characters, notably Madhoo portrayed by Lubna Salim, to come into their own.


While “Aam Aadmi Family” excels in portraying the routine and relatable aspects of a middle-class Indian household, the fourth season struggles to infuse the storyline with the soul that could elevate it beyond mediocrity. The reliable performances, particularly Bijendra Kala’s, are overshadowed by an excessive focus on his character in the initial episodes. The overemphasis on Sharmaji’s issues leaves little room for other potentially compelling narratives within the family.

Lubna Salim, however, shines in her role as Madhoo, bringing depth to her portrayal of a mother, wife, and daughter-in-law. Chandan Anand as Bobby, the ambitious son, adds vulnerability to the character, creating a well-rounded family dynamic. Unfortunately, the purported comedy in this comedy-drama often falls flat. The narrative attempts humour, but the jokes lack the punch needed to evoke genuine laughter from the audience. The saving grace lies in the modest lifestyle portrayed realistically, adding a layer of endearment to the overall setting.

The show’s attempt to explore uncomfortable and essential topics is commendable, but it falls short of a whole-hearted pursuit. The storytelling remains inconsistent, with the comedy failing to complement the more serious themes tackled in each episode. The realism of the characters and setting can become tiresome, lacking the freshness needed to elevate the viewing experience.


“Aam Aadmi Family” Season 4, streaming on ZEE5, remains firmly within its familiar territory. While it bravely addresses important social issues, the execution lacks the necessary depth and commitment. The absence of consistent humour and a soulless drama approach may leave viewers craving more. Despite its relatable characters and setting, the show settles for stating the obvious, making it an average watch at best.

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