Source: HT News Service.
Published on: December 22, 2023


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BTS Dominates Music Wealth Rankings: Billions in Stocks Cement Their Market Reign

BTS members have entered the exclusive ranks of shareholders, marking another triumph following their dominance in the music industry with chart-topping tracks. Despite Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, Jungkook, V, and RM being away for military service, their stock values continue to surge consistently. Recent reports reveal that all seven BTS members are now part of the 10 billion won ($7.7 million) shares club, securing top positions among the wealthiest stockholders in Korea’s entertainment and music sector.

BTS acquires 10 Billion KRW in shares

Shortly after the release of their documentary series, BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star, which delves into the journey of the seven-member South Korean boy band, a report from Korea CXO Institute revealed a significant boom in the personal stock holdings of BTS members. The estimated value of their shares soared by 20% compared to just February, making them rank among the wealthiest shareholders in South Korea‘s entertainment industry. The shares owned by the seven members of BTS were valued at more than 10 billion won. Only 34 people, including the K-pop group, are the owners of shares worth more than 10 billion won (about ₹63 crore).

SUGA, Jimin, V, and Jungkook led the pack with shares valued at around 16 billion KRW each.

J-Hope, RM, and Jin followed closely with shares estimated at 14.6 billion KRW, 13.5 billion KRW, and 12.2 billion KRW, respectively.

The worth of the shares held by each of the seven members of BTS exceeded 10 billion won.

The report further stated “Their earnings can be credited to the triumph of several artists affiliated with HYBE’s music labels this year. Notably, groups like NewJeans and Seventeen, along with the individual achievements of BTS members, have taken the lead on global music charts.”

Bang Si Hyuk tops the list

Bang Si Hyuk, the creator of HYBE, has been reported to have secured the top spot on the list with equities valued at an incredible 3.07 trillion KRW. Furthermore, Scooter Braun, the CEO of HYBE’s American division, held a substantial quantity of HYBE shares, estimated to be worth 84.7 billion KRW. JYP and YG Entertainment’s CEOs followed the list.

Each BTS member received 68,385 shares from Bang Si Hyuk when their contracts with the company were renewed in 2018. Nevertheless, “BTS members are no longer required to reveal their stocks because their specific contract with Bang for stocks expired in September.” The agency mentioned earlier when the rumor about BTS selling their stocks circulated. Fandom is now at cloud 9 hailing them as ‘Kings of K-pop’ who ‘own the market.’

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.