Source: HT News Service.
Published on: December 27, 2023


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“I always say God didn’t let me have children so that all kids could be mine,” the singer said

American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton recently opened up on her decision to never have children and why she doesn’t regret it. In an interview with Saga Magazine on Saturday, the Jolene hitmaker admitted, “I haven’t missed it like I thought I might.” Parton, who is no stranger to plastic surgery, also revealed a cosmetic procedure she regrets undergoing.

Dolly Parton on never having desire for children

The 77-year-old singer explained how she never had a “burning” desire to raise children of her own. “When you’re a young couple, you think you’re going to have kids, but it just wasn’t one of those burning things for me. I had my career and my music and I was travelling,” she said.

Parton continued, “If I’d had kids, I’d have stayed home with them, I’m sure, and worried myself to death about them. With everything that’s going on, I’d hate to be bringing a child into this world right now.”

Parton’s free book gifting program

Reflecting on her free book gifting program, Imagination Library, Parton said, “I always say God didn’t let me have children so that all kids could be mine.” With her global initiative, the Silver and Gold singer has donated over 220 million books to children worldwide.

Dolly Parton regrets for going the knife

“If something is bagging, sagging or dragging, I’ll tuck it, suck it or pluck it,” the 9 to 5 singer said. Despite having many cosmetic procedures, she has regrets about going under the knife and taking things too far.

“Every now and then you’ll get a haematoma, or sometimes with fillers and Botox you can get too much and have to wait till the swelling goes down to look normal again,” she said, adding, “It means that instead of being back at work in two weeks, it’s a month.”

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.