Source: HT News Service.
Published on: December 29, 2023


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Arbaaz Khan weds makeup artist Sshura Khan in Mumbai, Salim Khan comments on his marriage after his previous union with Malaika Arora

Salim Khan recently opened up about his son Arbaaz Khan’s second wedding as he married makeup artist Sshura Khan in a nikaah ceremony. Salim, who was present at the wedding, told News18 that they did not discuss Arbaaz’s marriage at length as the actor can make his own decisions. Salim also mentioned that giving love another chance in life isn’t a crime.

Salim Khan being happy for his son

Salim who is very happy for his son, said, “They decided to get married. Mere hisaab se, ye koi gunaah nahi hai (according to me, it is not a crime). I am happy for him (Arbaaz Khan) and I have given my blessings to the bride and the groom.”

Salim on Arbaaz’s marriage discussion

When asked if there was a discussion at home regarding the wedding, Salim added, “I don’t think there was any need for a discussion. He is young, educated, and mature and can make his own decisions. There is no need for my permission. If he is happy then nothing else matters. He just mentioned that he was going to get married and I said that’s fine. I also feel that it’s better not to interfere in anyone’s life as it causes problems.”

Arbaaz’s past union with Malaika

Earlier, Arbaaz Khan was married to Malaika Arora. The two got married in 1998 and after years officially parted ways in 2017. Malaika and Arbaaz co-parent their son Arhaan, who was recently in the US for studying filmmaking. Before marrying Sshura, Arbaaz was in a relationship with model Giorgia Andriani who earlier this month announced the news of their breakup in an interview.

Meanwhile, Arbaaz’s wedding took place at sister Arpita Khan Sharma’s house in Mumbai. Arbaaz shared the first pictures from his second wedding on his official Instagram account early Monday morning. “In the presence of our loved ones, me and mine begin a lifetime of love and togetherness from this day on! Need all your blessings and good wishes on our special day,” he wrote as he shared photos with Sshura. Reportedly, they met on the sets of Patna Shukla.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.