Source: HT News Service.
Published on: December 29, 2023


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Speculation about Shruti Haasan’s marriage sparked when Orry, also known as Orhan Awatramani, referred to Santanu Hazarika as her husband. Shruti and Santanu have been in a long-term relationship.

Actor Shruti Haasan took to her Instagram Stories and clarified claims of her marriage to boyfriend Santanu Hazarika. She denied any speculations which sparked after Orhan Awatramani aka Bollywood’s best friend, Orry addressed Santanu as Shruti’s ‘husband.’ Shruti has been dating Santanu for a long time now.

On claims of being married

She wrote on her Stories, “So, I’m not married. For someone who has been open about every single thing, why would I hide this? LOL. So people who don’t know me at all, please calm down.”

Orry on Shruti Haasan

It began when Orry conducted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Reddit and answered many questions sent by social media users. One of the questions read, “Hi Orry, has there been a celebrity who has shown you an unnecessary attitude while posing for a photo?? If you can’t take a name just give hints.”

Orry, in response, recalled Shruti Haasan being rude to him on an occasion. Making bold claims against her, he said, “Shruti Hasan. Not for posing because I never asked her, but she was very very rude to me at an event that I had actually got her into and I don’t even know her!”

 “Felt very bad, but there was probably some misunderstanding because I am good with her husband and I adore him. This will get sorted out in time. However, I heard from the rumour mill she called me a “Pune” (peon) like a spot boy or smth,” he added.

Shruti on marriage plans

Talking about marriage, Shruti recently told Hindustan Times that she has no plans for it now. She said, “The word marriage scares me a lot. There is so much to it that I really don’t want to think about it. I am happy being with him, doing good work in collaboration with him and having great time together. Isn’t it better than most marriages?”

Salaar Part 1

Shruti is currently basking in the success of Salaar, alongside Prabhas. She told Hindustan Times in an interview, “I partly said yes to Salaar just to act with Prabhas. He’s quite chill, friendly and relaxed off-screen. He’s more kind, thoughtful and generous than people would expect. But when Prashanth would call action, a whole different Prabhas would show up.”

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.