Source: HT News Service
Published on: December 29, 2023


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IU admits she wasn’t in the best mental state and never contacted BTS’ RM, even though she had his number.

IU has a lot to reveal on Suchwita! South Korea’s leading soloist, and the renowned Celebrity singer IU aka Lee Ji Eun recently appeared on BTS’ Suga’s talk show Suchwita’s latest episode. Fans just discovered a hidden chapter in BTS and IU’s friendship! Suga revealed that during their first collaboration for the album Eight, the singer requested RM’s contact details but ultimately didn’t follow through, due to a surprising reason.

Suga was not the first choice for “Eight”

The latest episode of Suchwita started with the Haegum crooner discussing his first collaboration with IU for the album Eight. The song was widely praised and loved by the fans and soon became a synonym for IU’s personality. Later they also collaborated for Suga’s People Pt 2.

Suga wasn’t her first pick to work with among the BTS members, according to IU. As a matter of fact, her first purpose in reaching out to him was to ask how to contact RM! When asked what kind of song she might have written with RM, IU said it was probably “something quite serious.”

The Celebrity singer explained that during that period, she aimed to create music that could mirror her mental state. The K-pop singer was likely thinking back on the tragic passing of some of her close friends, such as Sulli and Jonghyun of SHINee. Despite obtaining RM’s number from Suga, IU admitted to never reaching out to him. She elaborated that simply asking for his contact required a considerable amount of courage. “It would’ve been something really serious because mentally at the time I wasn’t in the best place, I wanted to bring out those emotions in a song.” Said IU.

IU hesitant to call RM

In that period, BTS and IU did not have a close relationship. In the end, IU acknowledged that she was hesitant to call and never did. With time, IU’s initial concept for a project with RM dwindled, and she instead came up with the song Eight. She thought it would be more appropriate to work on the project with someone similar in age, which is why she selected Suga labelling him as ‘the best producer’ to work with.

She said “At first I asked Yoongi if I could have RM’s number, But I never called him. Asking Suga for his number took a lot of courage for me and I had this impulse to do this quickly but after I got his number…he’s just a total stranger and I couldn’t get up the courage to just call someone I didn’t know.”

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