Source: HT News Service.
Published on: January 15, 2024


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Greta Gerwig Addresses Backlash Over Jo Koy’s Barbie Joke at the Golden Globes, Acknowledging Viewer Discontent.

Greta Gerwig has responded to Jo Koy’s joke on Barbie at the Golden Globes, that polarized audiences. Speaking to Radio 4’s Today program, as per a report on The Independent, the director defended the host and said that ‘he’s not wrong.’

Greta’s response to Jo

Greta Gerwig did not seem to mind Jo Koy’s dig at Barbie at the Golden Globes ceremony, where he had called the blockbuster film starring Margot Robbie as a film adaptation of “a plastic doll with big boobs”. Greta said in response, “Well, he’s not wrong. She’s the first doll that was mass produced with breasts, so he was right on. And you know, I think that so much of the project of the movie was unlikely because it is about a plastic doll.”

She further added, “Barbie by her very construction has no character, no story, she’s there to be projected upon. The insight that (Barbie creator) Ruth Handler had when she was watching her daughter play with baby dolls, is she realised, ‘My daughter doesn’t want to pretend to be a mother. She wants to pretend to be a grown woman.”

Users reacted strongly

Although Greta Gerwig defended Jo Koy for his take on Barbie at the Golden Globes, his joke did not sit well with many fans as they reacted strongly on social media. Several users called his opening monologue ‘cringe’ and ‘uncomfortable’ to watch. One said, “I’m literally uncomfortable watching this man speak #goldenglobes.” Another comment read, “Jo Koy’s monologue is absolutely awful. I think most of the audience is just pity laughing and his bad jokes about Barbie, show he didn’t understand Barbie. #GoldenGlobes” “Jo Koy’s ‘joke’ about the Barbie movie is exactly why the Barbie movie was made. Infuriating,” said another user.

Barbie was nominated in a leading nine categories at the Golden Globes, and won two- Best Original Song for What Was I Made For? and the award for Best Cinematic and Box Office Achievement.

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