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Published on: February 2, 2023
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Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke, starring Regina Cassandra and Sumeet Vyas, is now available on ZEE5. The thriller action drama, directed by Srijit Mukherji, recounted the tale of Kavya Iyer, a single mother and celebrated IPS officer.


Kavya Iyer (Regina), a celebrated IPS officer, finds herself in a dire situation in which massive amounts of RDX have already entered, and she must protect the nation. In addition, she must balance her quaking private life in the midst of this.

The series follows Regina Cassandra’s character, IPS officer Kavya Iyer, who is willing to put her life in danger to serve her country. People refer to her as ‘Shillong Ki Sherni’ because of her successful missions to apprehend militants. When she’s not in uniform, she’s a mother, and we get a glimpse of her troubled marriage. In her new assignment with the NIA, she discovers that militants are smuggling RDX in cement form to cause a series of explosions across the country. We also meet Mahira Rizwi, Kavya’s superior. The terrorist duo is Tariq and Thasleena, brainwashed by an unseen ‘uncle’. While two minor explosions occur in Guwahati and Jaipur, a third major explosion is on the horizon.


A fearless female cop leading the charge against a notorious terrorist organisation and doing so with complete conviction? Sounds powerful. Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke is an interesting tale on the surface. A woman who has climbed to the top of the hierarchy dominated by men. Meanwhile, she has a family currently going through a difficult time. She is fighting for divorce & custody of her son. There is potential to create a multi-dimensional story about a woman who has a lot of burdens but doesn’t make a fuss. Yes, she has recurring meltdowns, but she is entitled to be annoyed, given the obligations & scars she bears. She openly cusses in front of her son, which the family rectifies, making her quite a relatable character.

Even as the baddie outsmarts the police, the drama’s unrelenting progression keeps adding to the excitement. Every episode is intriguing, with ARKO’s ‘Fateh’ song intermixed to add to the impact. This captivating cat-and-mouse chase culminates in a high-strung finale. However, it would have been fascinating to discover more about the perspectives & backstories of these terrorists. It might have been simple for the viewers to relate. Instead, they are introduced randomly in the first episode, with only a few specifics about them and their goal disclosed in the season finale.


Jaanbaaz Hindustan Ke never has a dull moment, thanks to powerful performances and the riveting storyline. Finally, women in uniform, Regina Cassandra and Mita Vashisht, take the show by storm with a remarkable story of their bravery.

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