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Published on: February 9, 2023


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Anime is a fascinating world filled with creative storylines told with finesse and style. Thanks to the advancement of technology, many of us can appreciate and know more about Japanese anime. Now, there is no need to rush from site to site searching for good anime. Disney + Hotstar has a wide range of great anime movies and series that will make anime Otaku like you happy and contended. 

Tomodachi Game

The character of Yuuichi Katagiri undergoes financial difficulties in this TV series. He is, however, satisfied because he has accompanied himself with wonderful friends. So, when the prospect of a school trip arises, he & his friends decide to go. However, due to his growing financial problems, he decides to save money before embarking on the journey.

He is eventually able to accumulate sufficient funds after much struggle. However, despite his efforts to combine his existing funds, he becomes distressed when the cash is stolen. Moreover, two of his closest friends are suspected of stealing his money. Tomodachi Game is a psychological drama that will have you questioning the main protagonists’ relationships, where their sympathies lie, and who is the greatest turncoat.


The anime illustrates what happens to the last surviving player of Yggdrasil, the widely popular Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (“DMMORPG”), after the game is close down. Momonga, the final player, was the guild leader of Ainz Ooal Gown, one of the game’s biggest and mightiest guilds with 41 members. Momonga is still stuck within the game after the Yggdrasil is destroyed, unable to access the regular player features to notify other players or leave the game. As a result, he decides to adopt the name Ainz Ooal Gown as a signal to other Yggdrasil players who may be entangled in the game like him and commences to explore the unfamiliar world in which he is trapped.

If you are new to anime and enjoy sci-fi & adventure, Overlord is the anime for you.

The Faraway Paladin

The Faraway Paladin is a work of fantasy centred on the world of isekai. A young human boy resides in the City of the Undead, brought up by three Undead – Blood, the hearty skeletal warrior; Mary, the gentle mummified priestess; and Gus, the crabby astral sorcerer.

William is raised as the sole human in ruins, far off from human society, surrounded by love and mentoring from his unusual family, who educated him on everything they knew.

William, on the other hand, is hiding something. He knows his previous life, which was filled with disappointment in our world. So, William embarks on a quest to explore the enigma of this distant place, intent on leading a different life in this new world which will lead him to become a Paladin.

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