Source: HT News Service.
Published on: February 20, 2023


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Netizens criticised Anurag Kashyap after he heaped praises for “Bakasuran” exclaiming ‘Your bar has gone so low’

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has been facing flak from Twitter users for praising ‘most regressive movie’ Bakasuran. Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Anurag shared posters of the film helmed by Mohan G.

Anurag’s post on Twitter

Anurag captioned the post, “#Bakasuran Hearing good word of mouth for this movie in South…Congrats my friend @natty_nataraj & Dir @selvaraghavan.” Natarajan Subramaniam commented, “Thank you so so much Anuraag… (folded hands emojis).”

Netizen’s response on post

This led to people on Twitter criticising Anurag for lauding the film. A person said, “Promoting a pathetic movie just because Natraj is your friend?? unexpected sir.” “Seriously Anurag?! How could one celebrate the likes of Vetrimaran, Pa.Ranjith, and also this patriarchal casteist movie,” read a comment. “Promoting a movie that essentially pushes women back to the kitchen and promotes a what were you wearing to provoke men culture? Wow your bar has gone so low now??” tweeted a person.

“Unexpected from you sir…most regressive movie blaming women for sexual offenses… kindly watch it and remove the tweet,” said a Twitter user. “Dear Anurag, you are one of the rare quality directors. Kindly don’t promote regressive movies just because natty is your friend. He may be a good cinematographer. This movie is regressive,” commented another person.

About Bakasuran

The Hindustan Times review of the movie read, “Throughout the film, men keep lecturing about how women shouldn’t fall prey to dating apps. At a crucial juncture, when a young woman opens up to her father about being sexually harassed in her college, her grandfather casually passes a line about women who indulge in casual sex and abortion. He tries to justify what’s happened to his granddaughter is not as shameful as what most women are indulging in these days. The film is filled with several such problematic references and it only victimises the women even more.”

Bakasuran stars Selvaraghavan, Tharakshi, Natarajan Subramaniam (Natty) and Gunanithi among others. The film has also been produced by Mohan G. The film released on Friday. The music for the film has been composed by Sam C S.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.