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Published on: June 7, 2023


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If you ever want to tumble down memory lane, these serials will help you relive the simplicity, nostalgia and the best & golden moments of Indian Television. 

Pavitra Rishta (2009)

Due to her mother’s illness, Archana Karanjkar, a hardworking and modest young lady, could only complete eighth grade. An unassuming mechanic named Manav gets smitten with Archana. Sulochana, Archana’s mother, is duped by Savita, Manav’s mother, who asserts that Manav is a mechanical engineer. This scheme is planned to make it easier for Archana and Manav to get married. The truth finally comes to light after the marriage is formally celebrated, showing that Manav is just a basic mechanic. What follows is the engaging tale of how Manav and Archana navigate their relationship and marriage despite all the odds. Sushant Singh Rajput’s portrayal of Manav will still take your breath away. Relive the days of love and innocence with Pavitra Rishta.

Saath Phere (2005)

The story’s central focus is Saloni, a woman who defies societal norms by challenging the belief that one’s worth is determined by their skin colour. Despite facing discrimination due to her dark complexion, Saloni marries Nahar and embarks on a journey to prove that skin colour should not be a determining factor in one’s life.

Throughout her journey, Saloni encounters numerous challenges and adversaries who hinder her progress. Characters such as Kaveri, Karan, Kuki Kaki, Padam, Chandni/Devika, Urvashi, Abhi, Varun, and more pose obstacles for her. The series aptly titled “Saat Phere,” referring to the seven vows taken by a couple during their wedding, captures Saloni’s quest to establish her identity and overcome societal prejudices. The serial highlights the importance of self-acceptance, resilience, and the power of love and family in shaping one’s destiny.

Hum Paanch (1995) 

Hum Paanch, which translates to ‘Five of us,’ is a beloved comedy TV series that revolves around the misadventures of a father and his five daughters. The show garnered immense popularity during its airing and spanned two seasons. The first season aired from 1995 to 1999, while the second aired from 2005 to 2006. At the heart of the series is Ashok Saraf’s character, Anand Mathur, who plays a central role in the show’s comedic dynamics. Despite his first wife being deceased, she continues to communicate with him through a photograph. Anand Mathur is depicted as a dedicated father, navigating the challenges and dilemmas of raising five daughters in a middle-class household. He is constantly juggling the diverse issues and predicaments faced by his daughters, adding to the humour and chaos of the narrative.

Hum Paanch showcases the humorous interactions, conflicts, and bonds within this quirky family, providing viewers with light-hearted entertainment and relatable scenarios. Tune in once more for laughter and fun with Anand Mathur and his paanch daughters.

Kasamh Se (2006)

The story delves into the intricacies of family dynamics, love, and the challenges faced by the sisters as they navigate their relationships and the unexpected twists that unfold. The evolving relationships between the characters shape the narrative, leaving the audience intrigued and captivated by the unfolding drama. Bani, Piya, and Rano are three sisters living in Mount Abu with their father, Nishikant Dixit. After their mother’s death, their father turned to drinking, leaving Bani responsible for caring for and protecting her sisters. Before his passing, their father left a letter for them, revealing the name and address of Jai Walia, who would become their guardian in Mumbai. What happens to them in Mumbai, how circumstances force them even to turn against each other, and how Bani keeps the promise to care for her sisters against all adversities form the rest of the story. Watch it for Ram Kapoor and Prachi Desai’s stellar performances that sky-rocketed their careers.

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