Source: HT News Service
Published on: June 16, 2023


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Actress Rubina Dilaik was hit from behind by a truck at a traffic signal in Mumbai, yet she managed to survive the collision. The actress is suing the driver. In addition, Dilaik emphasised the risks associated with infractions of driving laws, citing an event in Chandigarh involving her aunt and cousins.

She barely escaped a fatal situation, when her car at a Mumbai traffic signal was rammed into by a truck driver on June 10. And living to tell us the tale is actor Rubina Dilaik. Sharing the details, she says, “My car was slowing down since the signal had turned yellow, when suddenly I had this jerk from behind. This is next to Inorbit mall in Malad. This truck guy rammed into us from behind, my car had a speed of 40-60. My head hit the seat ahead, and then I got back and landed on my lower back. The impact was so high that I was in shock for a few seconds. Then Abhinav (Shukla, actor-husband) came and managed the whole situation.”

Abhinav Shukla’s Tweet

Shukla had in fact written in a tweet after that, “…Beware of idiots on the phone jumping traffic lights…” Dilaik continues that the first thing he did was take her to the hospital and get medical tests done. “Everything was good in the tests, thankfully. When you go towards Andheri, between Bangur Nagar and Hypercity, I have seen this many times- people don’t stop or obey the signal. I vividly remember having this conversation with Abhinav just a couple of days back, that people carelessly jump the signal. It is not like, the first incident of road accident in my family in the recent past,” says Dilaik.

The actor’s aunt and cousins were involved in a similar incident in Chandigarh, when a truck driver driving under influence rammed into their car, and it was badly smashed. The passengers however barely escaped. “It is so dangerous to be out there,” she rues, “Because people are not following the traffic rules. When it happens to you, it wrecks your nerve. I have taken legal action against that truck driver. If we let go of such things, we become irresponsible for not putting it out there. One of my friends was in a cab few days back with her five-month old daughter, a car rammed into theirs. They were waiting at the signal.”

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service