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Published on: July 7, 2023
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Though the series has an immersive storyline, stellar performances, and captivating camerawork, the scattered storylines fail to make it an enthralling thriller.


Discover the mystery of “School of Lies,” where the disappearance of 12-year-old pupil Shakti Salgaonkar (Vir Pachisia) from the prestigious RISE boarding school triggers a chain of events that may be deceptively simple. Will the dark secrets eventually come to light? Can the school maintain its good name? Will the missing youngster finally be found? And will the parents’ agony ever be resolved with justice? Watch “School Of Lies” to get the answers to these questions.


A foreboding omen of danger and turmoil ushers in the enthralling “School of Lies voyage.” A friend helps a senior student who has hurt his toe in the late-night, empty restroom of the school. When a junior comes across them and is immediately viewed as a threat, their initial innocent interaction turns sinister. The new Disney + Hotstar program, created by Avinash Arun Dhaware, deftly entwines suspense and enigma into its narrative, inviting viewers to follow along with a sense of interest and excitement.

The search for Shakti is the show’s main subject, but School of Lies also explores the intertwined stories of other characters. One component of the plot is around actor Bashir playing house master Sam, who is responsible for two final-year students named Vikram and TK. Another intriguing subplot is Kaur’s portrayal of Nandita Mehra, the campus career counsellor, who takes it upon herself to get in touch with students connected to Shakti to help solve the puzzling missing person case.

Human nature entails lying, but to confront those lies and accept the consequences that follow takes real bravery and tenacity. The investigation of this pervasive human imperfection in Arun’s series, which takes place in the made-up hill station of Dalton Town, shows a cast of damaged and complex characters who come across as very real. The show’s call for compassion towards these characters and presentation of several mitigating situations that might cause people to act in ways they never intended to is what stands out. It clarifies the idea that some catastrophes are just accidents waiting to happen.

The series expertly evokes anxiety over the missing youngster by using a backdrop of dark colours to create a spooky and unpleasant environment. Its carefully plotted story profoundly impacts viewers by addressing significant problems like child abuse, bullying, underage drug usage, loneliness, and the desire for independence. The transitions between poorly lit scenes and the stunning, vivid scenery of the hill station are flawless. The boarding school’s physically appealing grounds and buildings give the students and adults an opulent backdrop while deftly concealing their complicated lives.

The non-linear narrative in “School of Lies” frequently confuses the present with the past, leading viewers astray. The spectator might even become perplexed sometimes, unable to discern between flashbacks and the present-day situation. This is the only drawback in the series that keeps it from becoming the enthralling thriller it promises in the pilot episode.


‘School of Lies’ keeps you on the edge of your seat and sustains its gripping allure until the final moments. However, the expected twists and turns in a mysterious tale like this are disappointingly predictable, dampening the mood by the conclusion. Nonetheless, the cinematography shines, exuding sheer beauty that captivates you. Aamir Bashir delivers an impressive performance, while Nimrat Kaur’s potential appears underutilized, leaving a sense of missed opportunity.

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