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Published on: July 7, 2023
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We adore these films, particularly the latest and most exceptional instalment in the franchise because John Wick’s unapologetic, stylish killing sprees as he takes on hordes of adversaries, taking it to a whole new level.


In “John Wick: Chapter 4,” the storyline takes a well-worn route as John becomes involved with the mysterious High Table once more. He defeats various foes in inventively fatal ways with the help of the always-cool Bowery King. The Marquis Vincent de Gramont, a strong High Table member out to kill John, stands in his way this time.

John seeks refuge in the Osaka Continental as the hunt escalates to avoid his old buddy Shimazu Koji and his daughter Akira. A confrontation between Koji’s army and Gramont’s goons is unavoidable. During this confrontation, John meets two new people: Caine, another former ally of Wick’s who is now working for Gramont, and Mr. Nobody (Shamier Anderson), a mysterious bounty hunter whose loyalty is based on riches.


With its unchanging premise, Chapter 4, popularly known as JW4, continues the ‘John Wick’ series’ legacy of providing a clear and precise product. The movie upholds the franchise’s core values by showcasing the high-octane, mind-blowing fight choreography and brutal close-quarter combat that the gifted Keanu Reeves is known for. But JW4 goes far further, diving more deeply into the complex mythology of the High Table.

The movie expands the story of the High Table while keeping the spirit of the characters’ personalities, thanks to the reappearance of well-known actors like Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShane, and the late Lance Reddick. These experienced players give the narrative more complexity and intrigue. JW4 also introduces numerous new characters who leave a lasting impression on viewers’ memories. With their distinctive personalities and positions in the developing drama, these young faces immediately capture the audience’s attention. A satisfying and exciting cinematic experience is guaranteed by the movie’s ability to incorporate both old and new characters smoothly.

A touching departure, Chapter 4 is like a genuine “Love You” before starting the next era. The narration is brief throughout the nearly three hours, straying only when required. The plot takes its time to explain the complex world of the High Table and how it relates to Wick’s current situation. Each episode is painstakingly designed to bring Johnathan’s quest to a satisfying conclusion in every way. Every aspect is addressed, from his closest allies to the betrayal he has suffered from people he held dear, from his life as the Baba Yaga to his wish to put it all behind him, and even the sense of invincibility he experiences when donning his suit. Wick is exposed in more ways than one when the blazer is removed, revealing that it is not just a physical covering being shed.

Notably, the antagonist is portrayed as a young man this time, filled with conceit and symbolic power, but lacking in actual physical strength. His goal is to destroy the very notion of John Wick that motivates others to rise up and resist, which goes beyond simply killing him. These scenes in the movie demonstrate the filmmakers’ attempt to create a cathartic story among the utmost chaos and nonstop action. The villain’s objective and John’s own are similar in that they both want to destroy Wick’s legacy. Their approaches to achieving this goal, however, differ. People keep asking John about the inevitable ending throughout the movie, but he never says it: John Wick’s death. The director has already won half the battle when he expertly gets the character to contemplate intently among all the chaos.

There is no turning back now that Keanu Reeves and the legendary character of John Wick have become entwined. Every punch is thrown with a strong sense of personal connection, and each expression of emotion is sincere to the core. Reeves expertly captures this idea through his portrayal when, at a pivotal point, a character describes him as “a ghost in search of a graveyard.” John Wick keeps moving forward courageously despite it looking like everyone is against him; for him, the risks involved are unimportant. Because no one is near enough to him to be concerned about the possible repercussions, his relentless drive is increased.


John Wick stands out as a unique franchise that surpasses expectations with each new release. Chapter 4 takes the series to new heights and unquestionably stakes claim to being its best movie yet. The film then takes viewers on an exhilarating rollercoaster that tests their endurance, embracing the chaos, distinctive aesthetic, and relentless intensity that endear its predecessors to moviegoers. You’ll feel both worn out and incredibly satisfied as you leave the theatre, leaving you eagerly anticipating the next instalment. 

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