Source: HT News Service
Published on: July 11, 2023


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BTS members Jin and J-Hope are currently serving in the military. J-Hope recently delighted fans by sharing his first letter from the camp.

BTS singer Jin has teased his fellow group member J-Hope after he penned his first letter to fans from the military. Both Jin and J-Hope are enlisted in the army, serving in different military base camps. Jin jokingly accused J-Hope of copying him with his letter and urged him to make BTS proud with his ranking in the army.

Playful banter on Weverse

As per Twitter user @BTStranslation_, Jin took to their online fan community Weverse and wrote for Hobi, “You.. what’s this. ‘Hobi’s letter’ why are you copying my contents.. pay up!” “The audacity of a private first class..(copying) a corporal. When we meet during the holidays, don’t think about making eye contact,” he also joking added.

Kim Seok Jin also told him, “If one doesn’t achieve being ranked among Special Forces, it’ll be a loss of face for BTS, remember that. Achieve it by this month.” Their fun banter has left fans missing them even more.

ARMY’s reaction

Reacting to their inside joke, a fan wrote on Twitter, “Jin why r u like that” with laughing emojis. “Jinie gave Hobi a deadline,” pointed out one more fan. Another user tweeted, “Love his humour so much.”

J-Hope letter to fans

Recently, J-Hope revealed he is serving as an assistant at the training camp. In his letter, he updated fans, “ARMY!! How are you? Hope you’re having a good weekend. I was appointed after finishing my teaching research lecture at the 36th Division Baekho Army Training Battalion and I am serving as an assistant at the training camp for the soldiers who worked hard.”

“As I was too busy with my daily routine, I didn’t have time to tell you the news. I came here to say hello in a short letter. While carrying out the hot July military mission, I also remember the days when I was active as a J-Hope around this time last year. I’m a totally different person, I think my future will be passionate, which is the same,” he continued.

“I’m here to tell you that I’m living as Jung Hoseok and J-Hope, who have not changed in any situation, anywhere, anytime. Haha. Hey, ARMY, watch out for the heat. Beware of the rain. With all the Armed Forces, And the trainees! I wish you good health. Loyalty! (greetings of a Korean soldier),” he wrapped up.

More about BTS

Jin is the oldest member of BTS and also the first one to enlist in the army for his 8-month compulsory military service last year in December. Following him, J-Hope joined the army in April 2023. BTS consists of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Other members are slated to join the service soon, as per their individual timelines. Meanwhile, the K-pop group’s memoir, Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS released recently.

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