Source: HT News Service
Published on: July 11, 2023


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The Summer I Turned Pretty Stars Share Must-Have Advice for Season 2.

Belly is back for one more summer on the beach! The Summer I Turned Pretty returns with season 2 on Prime Video, after the great reception of the first season. Although things did turn sour in the Belly-Jeremiah-Conrad love triangle by the end of last summer, fans are eagerly waiting to see how the drama unravels this time around. 

In an exclusive roundtable interview with Hindustan Times, stars Christopher Briney (who plays Conrad Fisher) and Gavin Casalegno (Jeremiah Fisher) talked about the overwhelming reception to season 1 and if given a chance, what advice they would give to each other’s characters without giving away any spoilers!

On how well Season 1 was received

When asked about their reaction to the overnight success of Season 1 and how they dealt with the fame, Christopher says, “Surprised and overwhelmed and a lot of other things I think. And grateful. I don’t think I could have imagined the level of appreciation the show has received and it’s lucky. To have that opportunity, to have so many people watching. Its a beautiful thing. It has been overwhelming and anxiety-inducing at times but we are grateful.” Gavin also adds in, saying that amidst all the chaotic feelings, what really balances it out is gratitude.

“It’s definitely been overwhelming and amazing and I think all of those feelings are balanced with a lot of gratitude. Even just the little things that we get to sit here all dressed nice and talk about it… these little things also… so grateful. They balance all the overwhelming emotions out. Its been incredible,” he says.

Advice for both Conrad and Jeremiah

Last season of The Summer I Turned Pretty saw both their characters fall for the same girl, Belly (Lola Tung). Ahead of Season 2, with fans anticipating dollops of the wide-eyed romance and some more face-offs, both the actors were given a choice to get to look at both of their characters objectively and share what advice would they give to their your own character and then to each other’s character.

Christopher starts to giggle, and then pauses before giving his response. He then says, “I think to my character Conrad, I would- at this point of his life, I think I would have answered this question differently last year- I would say, ‘Trust yourself and go with your gut. Let life take you where it takes you.’”

He then pauses no further to admit that to Jeremiah character he would say, “You suck! I hate you!” (both start laughing) Then he admits that he was just kidding, and that advice to Jeremiah would perhaps be to be good to people.

Gavin seems unfazed and is prepared for his response. “I think for Jeremiah I would say, ‘Guard your heart.’ I think that’s so important, just valuing your own heart and honestly would give the same advice to Conrad as well,” he says. “Just to guard his heart and just be vulnerable with the right people, and its really healthy when you are protecting yourself. I think yea, that is what.”

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