Source: HT News Service
Published on: August 11, 2023


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Legal Representatives Assert Six Additional Accusers Step Forward, Filing Sexual Harassment Lawsuits Against Lizzo, Expanding on Previous Claims by Three Former Dancers.

Trouble is mounting for Lizzo, known for her hit songs and body positivity advocacy. Lawyers representing three of her former dancers now claim six more victims of her alleged sexual harassment have come out to file a case against her.

New complaints arise

The new complaints stem from dancers who were part of Lizzo’s touring crew and those involved in her Amazon Prime Video show, “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls.” Employment law attorney Ron Zambrano told New York Post that some of these grievances highlight a “sexually charged environment,” while others centre on unpaid wages.

The complaints against Lizzo include instances where she allegedly made derogatory comments about a dancer’s weight and created uncomfortable environments. According to New York Post, one accuser, claimed that Lizzo told the employees that it was ‘normal’ for dancers to be ‘fired when they get fat.’

Beyonce distances herself from Lizzo

The ongoing controversy has had an impact on Lizzo’s reputation, as high-profile figures like Beyoncé have seemingly distanced themselves from her. Beyoncé notably omitted Lizzo’s name during a song in her “Renaissance” tour, showcasing the diminishing support for the artist.

Lizzo’s response

In response to the allegations, Lizzo denied the claims and emphasized that the stories are coming from former employees who were previously informed of their inappropriate behavior on tour. The situation has also prompted other individuals, such as former creative director Quinn Whitney Wilson and dancer Courtney Hollinquest, to share their similar experiences with Lizzo’s behavior.

As the legal battle continues, Lizzo’s image faces significant challenges, potentially impacting her career trajectory. Despite her previous successes and body-positive messaging, the allegations are shedding light on a different side of the artist, leaving both fans and the industry questioning her actions.

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