Source: HT News Service.
Published on: October 5, 2023


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Swara Bhasker Shares Insights on Her Delivery Experience, Expresses Gratitude to Doctors and Family, Describing Childbirth as Both a Blessing and a Challenging Journey.

Last month, new parents Swara Bhasker and Fahad Ahmed held a chhathi puja on the sixth day of the birth of their daughter Raabiyaa. In a new interview with ETimes, the actor, who gave birth to her first child on September 23, opened up about the delivery. Swara said it was the ‘the hardest thing’. She also expressed her gratitude to doctors and her family and friends for helping and supporting her and her political leader husband. 

Swara on childbirth

“It’s a blessing. It’s also the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I can’t believe that women have done this for millennia without epidurals and multiple times. Fahad and I are so grateful for all the help and support we’ve had from our doctors and the teams and staff and the hospital and our family, friends and well-wishers. We are blessed to be enveloped in love. The birthing experience really makes you realise that we don’t thank our mothers enough,” she told the portal.

Swara’s baby announcement

She treated her Instagram followers to images of her baby girl and herself along with her husband Fahad and wrote, “A prayer heard, a blessing granted, a song whispered a mystic truth. Our baby girl Raabiyaa was born on 23rd September 2023. With grateful and happy hearts, thank you for your love! It’s a whole new world.”

Swara and Fahad married in February this year. The couple had announced the news of Swara’s pregnancy in June via an album shared on Instagram and X (Twitter). Swara was seen with her baby bump as she posed with Fahad by her side. The caption on the post read, “Sometimes all your prayers are answered all together! Blessed, grateful, excited (and clueless ) as we step into a whole new world.”

Swara Bhasker on becoming a mother

Earlier this month, the actor spoke to HT City exclusively on becoming a mother to her baby girl Raabiyaa. She had said, “All children are a reflection of what their parents are, they grow up with the values their parents give. Raabiyaa will have the best of both the worlds. She will have access to two kinds of faith. It is like how India is a mish mash of caste and religion. In fact, the two families were chatting post her birth, and discovered that the chhathhi (sixth day after the baby’s birth) is common to both Hindus and Muslims. I think that is beautiful. We focus on the differences, but there is so much similarity. When you look for differences with an agenda, then you will find that rubbish.”

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.