Source: HT News Service.
Published on: October 11, 2023


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In a post shared last Saturday, Kylie posted an image of Israel’s flag with the caption, “Now and always, we stand with the people of Israel!”

In the aftermath of the recent deadly attacks caused by Hamas on Israel, reality TV personality and makeup entrepreneur Kylie Jenner found herself in the midst of a controversy following a brief Instagram story expressing support for Israel.

About the post

In a post shared last Saturday, Kylie shared an image of Israel’s flag with a caption that said, “Now and always, we stand with the people of Israel!” However, Kylie immediately removed the post after facing criticism from individuals advocating for Palestine and Hamas.

Screenshots of Kylie’s deleted Instagram story have been spreading across various social media platforms. Her comments section has been bombarded with harsh and disparaging remarks.

Criticized for involving in political matters

Many criticized her for involving herself in political matters and offering support for Israel, and some responded by posting Palestinian flags. Many are calling the star out for deleting the pro-Israel post after the backlash.

UNICEF’s executive director, Catherine Russell, emphasized the importance of safeguarding children amidst the conflict, underscoring their right to grow up in a peaceful environment.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has assured his commitment to make a response to Hamas’ actions with force equally as devastating as those faced by them.

Via his official social media platform, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated, “The IDF will immediately use all its strength to destroy Hamas’s capabilities. We will destroy them and we will forcefully avenge this dark day that they have forced on the State of Israel and its citizens. As Bialik wrote: ‘Revenge for the blood of a little child has yet been devised by Satan’.”

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.