Source: HT News Service.
Published on: October 30, 2023


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A woman in her twenties entered Kim Taehyung’s Seoul building after tracking him, attempting to engage him in conversation and presenting a marriage certificate.

On Friday, the Gangnam Police of Seoul, South Korea arrested a stalker who visited BTS singer V aka Kim Taehyung‘s apartment last night. The stalker is a woman in her 20s.

BTS V’s stalker arrested

Naver News reported that help was dispatched from Gangnam Police Station after receiving a report from the building’s security guard. The cops identified the suspect via CCTV footage. Soompi reported that the woman, whom they named A, followed V into the elevator of his apartment.

Reportedly, she attempted to speak to him and also handed him a marriage certificate. It’s believed that she waited for the BTS member outside his house and subsequently followed him inside the building after he drove his car into the premises’ parking lot.

It seems like the police traced the stalker using the information mentioned on the marriage certificate that she handed to V. Reportedly, A has a history of stalking V. Police have now taken measures to ensure the safety of the Slow Dancing singer. Reports say that the stalker has been prohibited by the cops from approaching V in future. She is reportedly not allowed to be within 100 meters of V.

Fans worried for Kim Taehyung

The news of the stalker has left many fans aka BTS ARMY worried for V. Reacting to the news, one fan wrote on X, “Sue her. I don’t care. Sue her.” “Leave him alone. Stay safe V,” added another. One more posted, “I think that like any fan we want to get to know them, but we must have our feet on the ground and know our place… They must feel safe even around people.”

BTS’ V reaction

Meanwhile, BTS’ agency BigHit Music briefly commented on the matter. As quoted by Soompi, the agency said, “We are responding with a no-tolerance policy to stalking crimes that disturb our artist’s personal life and threaten their safety.”

The singer also personally assured fans about his safety. He took to Weverse and posted a photo of himself. In the caption, he wrote, “Hehe I’m okay (fine) don’t worry.” Kim Taehyung recently released his solo album, Layover.

Disclaimer: Except for the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.