Source: HT News Service.
Published on: November 22, 2023


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Fans express disappointment as The Golden Bachelor chooses Theresa over Leslie, igniting a discussion on the enduring significance of professing love.

ABC’s The Golden Bachelor concluded with Gerry Turner’s final choice, leaving fans disheartened after the finale episode. The internet is questioning if saying “I love you” to someone has any lasting value. During his Fantasy Suites week, the 71-year-old retired restaurateur made an interesting choice on the most recent episode of The Golden Bachelor. But, seems like it’s not settling well with the netizens out there,s

Gerry chooses Theresa over Leslie

This week on The Golden Bachelor, Gerry took his two surviving women on stunning sleepover dates. On these dates, Gerry revealed who his ideal partner was. Although Gerry had shown love for Faith and Leslie before, he finally admitted his feelings for Theresa. This came as a shocking occurrence especially when Gerry said these lines to Leslie, “Till death do us part is foreign to me. I’ve never had that. I’ve been searching for it my whole life and even through two marriages,” Leslie said. “… I don’t want to be alone anymore. You’re everything I want, really. I want to do it.”

Even more startling was the fact that Gerry didn’t appear to be getting any closer to choosing which woman he loved more after the Fantasy Suite dates finished and he chose Theresa.

And if that wasn’t enough, Gerry messed up by telling Theresa and Leslie the exact same lines he got from The Bachelorette’s first lead actress, Trista Sutter.

“Gerry, you need to discover the woman you can’t imagine living without, not just the one you can live with. I believe you are that person. I believe you’re the one.”

Fans of the dating show are definitely not happy with what unfolded. A few of the comments read, “Ooh this date is off to an awkward start and he said “incredible woman number 2” instead “another incredible woman” which could’ve just been a bad choice of words in the moment, but… I’m worried for Theresa”, “Let’s say Gerry IS engaged to one of the remaining women. I personally would not be comfy with my fiancé crying and hugging an ex like that and she’s saying “it’s hard not to touch you” , “How does Gerry say ALL THAT to Leslie and still go on an overnight with Teresa the next day? If that happens, this is going to be such a messy episode/finale.”

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.