Source: HT News Service.
Published on: December 22, 2023


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Nicki Minaj teases a potential collaboration with Taylor Swift, saying, “Taylor & her fans have put in the work. Now it’s our turn.

Nicki Minaj, after ending Taylor Swift’s winning streak on Billboard with her latest Pink Friday 2 sale, would collaborate with the singer ‘in a heartbeat’. After years of simmering anticipation and fervent fan wishes, the queen of Barbz has finally dropped a hint, however slight, that the day is not far when the artists might collaborate, and some think that the process is already underway. During her IG live, the rapper, who blasted Kanye West a few days ago for blocking his ‘New Body’ release, was seen praising the Cruel Summer singer for her musical works.

Nicki Minaj responds to rumours

Swifties and The Barbz are thrilled at the prospect of a collaboration between the two artists. Nicki Minaj, in her Instagram live, expressed her support, stating, “SAG QUEEN TAYLOR DESERVES!!!! PERIOD!!!!!”. Nicki praised the demand for Taylor Swift’s music, acknowledging that it leads to the production of more vinyls. She mentioned the impact of Taylor taking breaks and returning with great music and dedicated fans. The praise followed Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 breaking the vinyl sales record for any female rap album in history. When asked if she would collaborate, the singer said “In a heartbeat.”

“We broke the record in vinyl sales for any female rap album in history. That means that retailers had no way of knowing that the vinyls would be in such high demand. Either way, now they do! That’s a marvelous thing! Taylor & her fans have put in the work. Now it’s our turn.” Said the 41-year-old Trinidadian-born rapper.

Nicki Minaj shared about swifties

Praising the dedicated fan base of Taylor Swift, the rapper of Super Bass said “She takes months & years off then comes back with great music & fans who’ll never leave her!!!!”

The fandom of both artists took to the comment section to pour their reactions. “Queen supporting another Queen”, “Taylor Swift’s music strategy, also known as the vinyl circle of life – take breaks, drop hits, repeat!”, “Nicki Minaj is giving Taylor Swift a standing ovation for her musical hiatus strategy! I guess the vinyl industry is going to be booming thanks to Taylor’s loyal fans.”

Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift collab

A VMA tweet in 2015 sparked misinterpretations, leading to a brief misunderstanding between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. Nicki tweets she’s confused why her video Anaconda wasn’t nominated for Video of the Year, suggesting it might be because “black girls can’t win with skinny bodies.” Taylor, whose Bad Blood won the award, interprets this as shade directed at her, leading to a Twitter exchange. However, Taylor later apologized for the misunderstanding after Nicki clarified that her tweet was not directed at Taylor.

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