Source: HT News Service.
Published on: December 8, 2023


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Shah Rukh Khan headlines Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘Dunki,’ featuring Taapsee Pannu, Vicky Kaushal, and Boman Irani, hitting screens on December 22.

The trailer of Shah Rukh Khan‘s Dunki was released on Tuesday, but it seems that not many on the internet are pleased withh it. Dunki marks the maiden collaboration between Shah Rukh Khan and filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani. After the trailer dropped, many users took to social media to react to the three minute-long Drop 4, with many calling the Punjabi accent ‘forced’ and the overall impact ‘boring.’

Dunki trailer reactions

Reacting to the trailer on X(Formerly Twitter), one user said: “Boring. Plot has nothing new to offer, many Punjabi films have already covered such topic. Accent is so annoying. I don’t understand the need to mix Punjabi & Hindi. It doesn’t even sound comical. Just stick to Hindi.” Another wrote, “The less I say about the trailer, the better. The Punjabi accent feels forced, the dialogues lack impact, and I struggle to connect emotionally with the story. Not to mention, the de-aging of SRK, whether in ‘Jawan’ or this, comes off as comically unbelievable. This might be the weakest film from Hirani that I can recall. Feel free to call for my head. Cheers.”

Shah Rukh’s de-aging

Many also called out the de-aging of Shah Rukh Khan in the film. One user said, “Why always blame Balayya, Chiranjeevi for playing young characters, Actually #SRK is the Real Culprit. Look at the amount of VFX in his face.” “Quite the underwhelming trailer I must say. A bit all over the place from an editing perspective. Can’t be an excuse in terms of a track record of Hirani trailers. SRK’s delivery seems very uncomfortable. The de-aging even more distracting!” wrote another.

Several users also expressed how the trailer revealed a lot of things already. One said, “The voice barotone was iffy. Trailer Spoiled so much of the movie and took surprises away – Old SRK, funeral of a character. The action scenes make me feel this movie is gonna get distracted from core story and go downhill – very reminiscent of Zero.” A comment also read, “Well it feels basic & not really pushing me to want to watch it in a hall. But I felt the same for ‘P.K.’ and it was a helluva experience.”

Positive reactions

There were also fans who cheered for Shah Rukh in the trailer, and said that the film promises to be an entertaining ride. One post read, “SRK’s Dunki looks like a hatrick is on the way sir #DunkiTrailer is comedy and heart all at once!” Another added: “No maar-dhaad, just pure joy! #DunkiTrailer is definitely gonna be a refreshing break from the ordinary.” “This film offers everything on a single platter. Complete Entertainer!” felt another fan.

Dunki is touted as a “heart-warming tale of four friends and their quest to reach foreign shores, it charts the arduous yet life-changing journey they are about to undertake to make their dreams come true.” It is slated to release in cinemas on December 21 on the occasion of Christmas.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.