Source: HT News Service
Published on: July 11, 2023


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Amitabh Bachchan recounts encounters with young girls selling flowers on the streets, highlighting another instance where he generously provided financial support to a child selling roses.

Actor Amitabh Bachchan has shared an incident with his fans about a little girl selling ‘gajras’ (flower garlands) during the rains on Mumbai streets. Taking to his blog on Sunday night, Amitabh revealed that when the child approached his car, at the traffic signal, he asked her about the price of the entire bunch. While the girl hesitantly quoted ₹500 for it, Amitabh gave her ‘about 4-5 thousand .. ₹5000 and taking the bunch, thrust the money in her hand’.

More about flower garlands incident

Amitabh said, “And then at a stop .. she came .. A little one .. drenched in the rain .. small and expectant .. could barely reach the door handle of the vehicle .. holding a bunch of ‘gajra (flower garland)’ to sell , to seek her existence, her meal or the share she would have to give away to her elder or to them that provided her with the goods .. as always they show extreme fear or rejection .. she stood by the door .. raised her tender hands to show her exhibit .. and never said a word .. just stood there …”

Amitabh revealed he travelled without security

He also added, “I lowered my window, an act that security does not permit me to .. they would have shooed her away .. but I did not take them that day .. I asked her what do you want .. she just looked at me expectantly and showed the bunch again, wet and drained of any fragrance .. but she looked .. I told her I want it, how much .. she picked one knitted stem of the gajra.”

₹500 for entire flower bunch

The actor continued, “The little one .. stood there .. she gave a response to what she said, each string would sell for .. that is what generally does happen .. the ones that buy albeit with great reluctance, buy just a string .. I told her I want the entire bunch .. there was surprise on her face .. her thought running , I was joking with her .. and I asked her the price!!!!” He also added, “No one perhaps had ever said that to her .. She took a while .. and then .. with a face , that I shall never forget .. she hesitated to say the price , looked so much in apprehension that if she said the price, I would seek negotiation .. or worse reject the thought of buying .. softly and in fear she mumbled..500 rupees ..!”

Amitabh gave ₹5000 to flower girl

Amitabh also wrote, “There is a drain of the aqua in my eyes now, as I write .. that expression .. will he buy it .. will he negotiate .. is my price too much .. should I reduce it ..!! I pulled out a bunch of notes .. never saw how much it was .. could have been about 4-5 thousand .. ₹5000 /- and taking the bunch , thrust the money in her hand .. ..No .. I did not see her expression after .. the light had greened and I had to move .. BUT that expression of .. ‘have I quoted too much, will he buy it’, shall remain .. that word 500 she may never have had occasion to tell .. all of that was in her face .. that face of innocent unexpected joy of an achievement , she may not have received earlier or ever.”

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service