Source: HT News Service.
Published on: December 11, 2023


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 Neena Gupta responds to the backlash surrounding her remarks on feminism in an interview, clarifying that the controversial segment was selectively highlighted for promotional purposes, leading to an unintended negative outcome.

Neena Gupta had spoken about importance of financial independence for women in a recent interview. She had also called feminism ‘faltu (useless)’, which attracted many reactions on social media. Now, in an interview to The Indian Express, the veteran actor responded to the same and clarified her statement. Neena said only a line from her interview was used in promotional videos ‘to create a controversy’.

 On ‘faltu feminism’ comment

Neena Gupta said, “What they did is that they only used that chunk from the whole interview for promotions, to create a controversy. It said that I don’t believe in ‘faltu feminism’, and after that people are fighting amongst each other. If one person is cursing me for saying that, someone else says, ‘What do you know? Watch the whole interview’. There should be a reference to what I said.”

Recently, in a conversation with Ranveer Allahbadia on his podcast, Neena Gupta had said, “I want to say that it’s not necessary to believe in faltu feminism (useless feminism) or the idea that women are equal to men.”

‘You have to use the right language’

Apart from issuing a clarification on her comment, Neena, who is quite active on Instagram, also admitted that she’s become more cautious now, when she posts on social media.

“I have made mistakes a couple of times. Many of us do. I now make sure that I don’t post anything on social media if I am angry, or if I’ve had a fight with someone. One should also not post if they are drunk, because if you do, then you regret it later. Thoda sambhalna padta hai (You have to be careful). You have to use the right language because a lot of people are listening to what you say. I have goofed up big time too,” Neena said.

What Neena Gupta had said earlier

Neena had also said in her November interview with Ranveer Allahbadia, “Focus on achieving financial independence and giving attention to your work. If you’re a housewife, don’t look down on it; it’s an important role. Boost your self-esteem and avoid thinking of yourself as small. That’s the main message I want to convey. Additionally, men and women are not equal. The day men start getting pregnant, that day we will be equal.”

She also gave an example from her own life and added, “You need a man. I will tell a small story. I had to catch a flight once at 6am. I did not have a boyfriend at that time. I came out of the house at 4 am and it was dark. A man started following me, and I was so scared. I went back to my house and I missed my flight. The next day I booked the same flight. But I stayed at my male friend’s house and he dropped me off. I need a man.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.