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Published on: December 29, 2023
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Watchopedia Rating 
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Amala Paul’s ‘Cadaver’ lacks impact with a flat screenplay, resembling a soda without fizz. Despite sincere acting, the film falls short. 


Bhadra, a renowned pathologist, becomes the linchpin in solving intricate cases for the police department. When the death of the esteemed surgeon Salim Rahman presents a formidable challenge, Assistant Commissioner Vishal seeks Bhadra’s expertise. Their investigation unveils a prisoner, Vasu, openly vowing to kill the surgeon, setting off a chain of unexpected murders. As Vishal and Bhadra grapple with the mystery, the question arises: How does a confined prisoner execute these killings? Suspecting external assistance, they delve into the perplexing motives behind Vasu’s murderous spree. The unfolding narrative reveals a relentless pursuit by Bhadra and Vishal to unravel the intricate web of secrets, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats.


Amala Paul returns to the spotlight not just as an actor but also as a producer in the captivating medical thriller, “Cadaver.” Contrary to its name, the film pulses with intensity and intrigue, offering a well-crafted investigative thriller experience with the right mood and tone. Initially shrouded in mystery, the narrative takes a predictable turn halfway through, relying heavily on flashbacks after the interval, with only one clever twist to break the pattern.

The story kicks off with a mysterious figure ruthlessly murdering a chief surgeon of a prestigious city hospital. Enter Badra Thangavel (Amala Paul), an expert pathologist, aiding Assistant Commissioner Vishal (Harish Uthaman) in cracking the case. Simultaneously, a prisoner named Vetri (Thrigun) in jail, who had previously vowed to kill the same surgeon, becomes a key player as his prophesied murders come to pass. The city is left astounded as Vetri, despite being in captivity, fulfils his deadly promises, hinting at an external force aiding him.

As the investigation unfolds, Vetri’s tragic past comes to light, and Badra’s astute manoeuvres lead to shocking revelations, unravelling the mysterious threads connecting the characters and answering long-standing questions.

 Amala Paul’s portrayal undergoes a striking transformation, a bold shift in appearance that deserves applause. With short hair and a nerdy demeanour, she embodies a commanding presence. Her portrayal as a pathologist navigating the world of cadavers and mortuaries is a standout highlight. However, the film’s writing lacks consistency. It front-loads its impactful moments in the first half, leaving the latter half wanting, save for a handful of instances. While certain sequences hold potential for a climactic payoff, they falter, resulting in diminished impact overall.

The film’s standout feature is its final twist, unravelling as the narrative concludes. The distinctive backdrop adds a refreshing touch to the storyline.

Amala Paul, in her role as a police surgeon, delivers a commendable performance, effortlessly carrying the film for a significant portion. Harish Utthaman, Athulya Ravi, and Adit Arun contribute decent performances in their respective roles.

Noteworthy scenes, such as the preservation of a dead body for four years without decomposition, pique curiosity and captivate viewers’ attention. The initial segments are well-crafted, effectively building interest in the unfolding plot.

This thriller starts strong but falters with a sluggish screenplay, losing momentum and lacking the necessary suspense. The flat narration further hampers the storytelling, and despite a promising concept on paper, amateur execution undermines the film’s impact.

Predictability becomes a significant flaw, diminishing the essence of a mystery thriller. The flashback sequence follows a routine pattern and falls short of infusing emotional depth into the narrative.

The ambiguity surrounding Vasu’s character and the reasons for his imprisonment add to the film’s downfall, reflecting poor writing. Numerous logical loopholes contribute to the overall lacklustre experience. Subplots feel rushed and poorly handled, with loose ends left disconnected, further diminishing the film’s cohesion.


Cadaver” dances on the edge, with Amala Paul’s stellar performance and a gripping twist saving it. Yet, poor writing, illogical twists, and predictability dampen its potential. Anoop Panicker hits highs in some parts, but the missed opportunities for engaging storytelling and execution prevent it from becoming a thriller that truly keeps you on the edge of your seat. Don’t expect a heart-pounding experience; it’s a ride with moments of brilliance, but overall falls short of delivering the anticipated excitement.

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