Source: HT News Service.
Published on: January 10, 2024


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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Film Sets Record as All-Time Highest-Grossing Concert Film.

Taylor Swift may not have won a Golden Globe for her Eras Tour film, but she has made history nonetheless. Ahead of the 34-year-old’s red carpet appearance at the 81st Golden Globe Awards, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour secured its spot as the highest-grossing concert and documentary film of all time. Swift achieved this incredible feat after her global box office hit film dethroned Michael Jackson’s This Is It, which previously held the record.

Highest-grossing concert film and Highest grossing documentary film

Just in time for Swift’s arrival at the Golden Globes, AMC Theatres’ CEO Adam Aron announced on X, formerly Twitter, “Now at $261.6 million globally, AMC’s first ever released film, TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR just became the highest grossing concert film & highest grossing documentary film of all time. AMC sends our congratulations and eternal gratitude to Taylor Swift for being so remarkable.”

On Sunday, The Eras Tour raked in a total of $261.6 million worldwide, including north of $180 million in North America. With the latest figures, Swift’s concert film surpassed The King of Pop’s This Is It’s total global tally of $261.2 million.

In a statement for AMC, Aron said, “On behalf of all of us at AMC Theatres, I send my congratulations and eternal gratitude to Taylor Swift for her remarkable and record-setting box office performance.”

“Her spectacular performance delighted fans around the world and serves as another strong reminder about the power of extraordinary filmmaking and magic of movie theaters,” he added.

Swift gave standing ovation to Greta

Swifties were disappointed after Greta Gerwig’s Barbie won the first-ever Golden Globe for Best Cinematic and Box Office Achievement. The Eras Tour film was nominated alongside the 2023 hit film Barbie, the criteria for the latest award category being a minimum of $150 million at the worldwide box office, including $100 million or more in North America.

Despite not winning a Golden Globe for the Eras Tour film, Swift gave a standing ovation to fellow nominee Greta Gerwig for bagging the award for Barbie. Fans flocked to social media to express their thoughts over the incident.

One fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter, “Barbie won box office achievement but taylor swift is a real life barbie so technically she also won.” Another said, “She lost but she was the first one to stand for giving standing ovation & that’s how Taylor Swift won again.

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