Source: HT News Service.
Published on: March 15, 2023


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Guneet Monga penned down a heartfelt note for Shaunak Sen & said that ‘Oscars may have passed, but impact of All That Breathes will continue’.

Guneet Monga has penned a long note for filmmaker Shaunak Sen and his film All That Breathes after it lost to Daniel Roher’s Navalny at the 95th Academy Awards. Taking to Instagram, Guneet also posted a photo as she posed with Shaunak. In the photo, Guneet and Shaunak held each other as she smiled while posing inside a room. 

Guneet shared photo and note for Sen on social media

Guneet wore a white T-shirt and blue cardigan in the picture while Shaunak was seen in a black T-shirt and grey jacket. Several posters of All That Breathes were seen in the background on the wall. The post comes a day after Guneet’s film The Elephant Whisperers won the Best Documentary Short Film.

Guneet captioned the post, “My dear @shaunak_sen, it’s been such a pleasure learning from you! I love All That Breathes. In this last month, knowing you as a filmmaker and connecting with you has been an absolute honour. The world needs to see the brilliance of the cinema you create. Thank you for your contribution to Indian cinema and for reminding us of the beauty and importance of preserving our world.”

“All That Breathes will always boast of both Oscar and BAFTA nominations, while it has already won global accolades by winning at the Cannes Film Festival, Cinema Eye Honors Awards, American Society of Cinematographers USA, and Asia Pacific Screen Award. I would always put Shaunak Sen’s name as one of the most important filmmakers from India for the world to watch,” she also wrote.

Yesterday’s Oscars may have passed, but the impact of All That Breathes and its visionary director will continue to inspire and touch hearts,” she concluded. Guneet also added the hashtags All That Breathes and Oscars 2023. A person commented, “Wonderful gesture Guneet. This is what passionate wild lifers do, ever supportive and encouraging.” A comment read, “Winning the Oscar nomination itself is no small feat. One should be super proud. Very well said Guneet.

All that Breathes was nominated for Best Documentary Feature category at the Oscars

Indian climate change documentary All That Breathes could not register a win in the Best Documentary Feature category at the Oscars. The Shaunak Sen directorial is a Delhi-set documentary. It follows two siblings, Mohammad Saud and Nadeem Shehzad, who have devoted their lives to rescuing and treating injured birds, especially black kites.

The Elephant Whisperers is a documentary directed by Kartiki Gonsalves. Produced by Guneet, it won the Oscar in the Best Documentary Short Film category. It competed against Haul Out, How Do You Measure A Year, The Martha Mitchell Effect, and Stranger At The Gate.

Disclaimer: Except the headline and synopsis, this story has been taken from the HT News Service.