Source: HT News Service
Published on: April 12, 2023


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Prabhas reviews Nani’s Dasara. Nani portrays the role of Dharani in the film Dasara, which was directed by Odella Srikanth, a debutante.

Nani-starrer Dasara, which is all set to become the first ₹100 crore grossing film of his career, has earned praise from Prabhas. Taking to his Instagram Stories, Prabhas reviewed the film. Congratulating the team of Dasara, Prabhas in his post wished for more films like Dasara to be made. Nani, re-sharing the story on his Instagram Stories, thanked Prabhas for his words.

Prabhas’s social media post

Prabhas shared a poster of Dasara and wrote “Just saw #Dasara. What a film. I loved it. Congrats to @nameisnani for doing this film. Nani, the director @srikanthodela__ , @keerthysureshofficial and the whole team did a great job. We should do more films like this! (clapping hands emojis).” Nani, reposting Prabhas’ story, wrote, “Thank you Prabhas anna @actorprabhas (red heart emoji).”

In Dasara, directed by debutant Odella Srikanth, Nani plays a character called Dharani. The film is a familiar tale of uprising, revenge and friendship. It also stars Keerthy Suresh, Shine Tom Chacko and Dheekshith Shetty in key roles.

More about Dasara

Originally shot in Telugu, Dasara was released in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada. The movie’s deeply rooted setting and how Srikanth manages to transport the viewer to a never seen milieu of a coal-laden hamlet really works in the film’s favour.

In a pre-release interview with Hindustan Times, Nani spoke about the current pan-Indian wave. He said that releasing a film in multiple languages doesn’t make it a pan-Indian project. He said what makes a film truly pan-Indian is the acceptance of the audience.

Nani’s statement about Dasara

“Dasara is a Telugu film which we felt will appeal to audiences across languages. Hence, we decided to release it in multiple languages. Dasara is set in a world that’ll be alien to Telugu as well as Hindi audiences. That’s what makes this film unique. A film doesn’t become pan-Indian just by being released in five languages,” Nani told HT.

“When Baahubali 1 was released, it wasn’t a pan-Indian film. After audiences lapped up the first part in a big way, the hype around the second part grew manifolds and that naturally made Baahubali 2 a truly pan-Indian project. It’s the same case with the KGF series and Pushpa. Audiences make a film pan-Indian with their acceptance,” he had said.

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